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Lenny Bruce On “Fake News”

You think President Donald Trump invented the term “fake news?” Think again.

Media commentators have been pointing out examples of fake and fraudulent reporting for many decades now, if not centuries. Here, we see the hipster comedian Lenny Bruce from his 1959 TV special “The World of Lenny Bruce.” Bruce shows off a succession of newspaper front pages all printed on the same day when robbers held up opera singer Lauritz Melchior at gunpoint. Each of the newspapers gives a different account of the incident and the amount of money stolen from Melchior!

In other words, the mainstream media journalists might be especially phony and fake nowadays, with so many of them holding a grudge against President Trump.   But as the Old Testament book of Ecclesiastes put it long ago, “What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun.

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The media hecklers are failing once again. They are stunned that Americans are rallying behind their President. And disregarding the lying Leftism and fake news that these journalists keep peddling. It’s not only Republicans, either, but a majority of independents and some 30 percent of Democrats who disapprove of the White House press. More from Dr. Steve Turley.

This Is The Most PATHETIC Smear Against Trump We Have Seen Yet, Even Never Trumpers Defend Him. Media is now trying to spin a tale so absurd that even former Republican and current Never Trumper George Conway has defended him.

As Trump comes under fire repeatedly over touting a potential treatment to the virus, Democrats have called for him to be charged by “The Hague” and the media has repeatedly claimed he was dangerous.

Now the media is trying to claim that Trump is profiteering off of recommending this treatment because he owns a mutual fund which owns a small stake in a pharmaceutical company in France.

It turns out Trump may have as little as $99 invested proving this is the most pathetic lie we have seen yet to make the president look bad. More from Tim Pool.

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