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Microsoft Presents Spirit Cooker

Microsoft has now aligned itself with Marina Abramovic, the Spirit Cooking witch so enamored among the illuminati of Hollywood. Says Microsoft, “Arguably the world’s most acclaimed performance artist, Marina Abramović explores the medium of mixed reality with HoloLens 2 in The Life. This piece will also be the first-ever mixed reality artwork to go to auction, when it’s presented by Christie’s in October 2020.”

As if anyone needed any other evidence that Bill Gates means evil and cannot be trusted. High time he is brought to justice for whatever crimes he committed in his six known flights on board Jeffrey Epstein’s Lolita Express. This includes visits to the Little St. James Island reserve, where Epstein entertained the child murdering elite in the Caribbean!

(PS: Microsoft withdrew the Abramovic video after thousands of posters gave the work negative marks and comments.)

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Microsoft Does NOT Want You To See This Video! More from We Are Change.

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Here’s a new report from TestingtheNarrative, covering, with verified sources:

  • Covid-19 Update.
  • Military Training Underground
  • Forgotten underground places and an Artificial Cave 200 feet beneath Central Park and Michael Bloomberg’s influence.
  • $36 million from US Attorney to fight Human Trafficking, Assist Victims
  • Mercy and Comfort Rescue Team. Who are they really rescuing?
  • What has Trump been pointing and signaling since 2012 and carried out in orders?
  • More information on tunnels and underground facilities.
  • Connectors to the almost 1 million children missing each year from the United States and 10 million enslaved children worldwide.
  • Trump’s evacuation and rescue team.

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