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Trump Drives Clowns Nuts

President Donald Trump drives the mass media nuts — especially those on the far-left, who are beholden to the CIA. More from Mark Dice.

Trump shreds media in press briefing. The media has a complete temper tantrum and breakdown. More from Tim Pool.

It’s not just the president, but also Dr. Anthony Fauci who is calling out the mass media for trying to foment trouble. It looks as if the media wants Trump to fire Fauci, so they can reap the spoils — increased readership and viewership, all the while they are tearing into the president. It’s a game these Leftist wingnuts are playing. More from Vincent James of The Red Elephants.

Trump savages the media to their faces using their own words. Says Steve Turley, “We’ve never seen anyone so willing to fight back against the mainstream Marxist media.”

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