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Victims of Panda Eyes

Veteran journalist Timothy Charles Holmseth says as many as 100,000 children and corpses of children have been found in the underground tunnels beneath New York City’s Hell’s Kitchen. Many of these children showed signs of ritual Satanic abuse, including two black eyes or panda eyes. What causes this? It happens when these kids, as young as 1- or 2-years-old, are subjected to brutal anal rapes.

Holmseth says the children being rescued below New York City are part of a caste that has been held in bondage for upwards of five generations. The tunnels run underneath Central Park, and care lose by such locales as Grand Central Station and the Clinton Foundation.

Here are a pair of videos where Holmseth explains what’s happening with these children.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: The criminals who run YouTube have removed and censored these videos. In their absence, we present another video from Holmseth’s group, The-High-Command, found on Bitchute. It’s a later video, but Holmseth’s earlier work is now unavailable.)

What are panda eyes?

The Urban Dictionary defines panda eyes as “When a girl wearing mascara has a shower and it causes her eyes to look dark like a Panda.” Let’s just say, that’s a lame euphemism and a misrepresentation.

Panda eyes are frequently seen among children, as young as 1 or 2 years old, who have been subjected to brutal anal rape by pedophiles. The extreme violence these kids endure causes their eyes to turn bloodshot with panda-like black splotches that cover much of their tiny faces.

You think this is something rare? Unfortunately, you will soon discover it’s been much more common than you can imagine. Thousands upon thousands of children have been so abused for generations in underground dungeons. Not acceptable!

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