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King Cobra Venom Pandemic

Venom, cobras, digital soldiers, NYC subway shootout….more exposure of the [Deep State] evil! Pray. More from And We Know.

This week another US city was terrorized by a black man on a shooting spree, while the FBI ignored the threat seemingly because of his skin color. Everywhere we look, we find our Department of Justice and the FBI protecting the preferred classes and punishing regular Americans. They are not getting away with it, and the truth is gradually being exposed. More from Lori Colley.

Government Bans Low Prices

New York City store manager Kamel Saleh was hit by thousands of dollars in fines recently. His crime? Selling tobacco too cheaply! Turns out he sold three cigars for $8.89, which was 11 cents too cheap, according to city government.

John Stossel reports that NYC has set a standard price floor on tobacco, thanks to Kurt Ribisl, professor of health behavior at the University of North Carolina. And now, in addition to the cigar prices, a pack of cigarettes skyrocketed to $13. Why do people like Ribisl get to decide? Here’s some answers from Stossel’s report.

Attack Of The Inanimate Objects

Just like a hammer, a saw or other tools in your shed, a gun is an inanimate object. While they all might be effective in getting the job done, these are all tools, Matt Christiansen says. “They are totally dependent on the intent, the skill and the action of a user manipulating them,” he says.

Not according to liberals, who are quick to blame guns and other objects, while calling for insane restrictions when something goes awry. Christiansen digs deeper into the problem with his take on the issue.

Real Estate Agent With Mission

A real estate agent doing his part to stop white gentrification. More from Ryan Long, with a guest appearance by Danny Polishchuk.

2022 Off To A Rough Start

2022 is already off to a rough start. The new mayor of New York, Eric Adams, is proving as big a fascist as the outgoing scumbag Bill de Blasio.

CNN ushered in the New Year by bubbling over with leftist frothiness.

And the CIA-tied social media platforms are enforcing the same rigid censorship. Twitter and YouTube moved quickly to ban the founder of the mRNA, Robert Malone, after he revealed just how fraudulently the covid tests have been conducted. More from Mark Dice.

The Jackboots Have Arrived

The jackboots have arrived in the Big Apple. Martin Brodel reports that New York City has become the first metropolitan area in the U.S. to begin arresting unvaccinated Americans for violating indoor Covid compliance. He says NYPD has unleashed its very own vaccination police to enforce indoor Covid restrictions, arresting patrons who do not present papers to prove their status.

“Things could get really ugly in a hurry,” Brodel says. “I don’t really know what they want. This is the game that the top white hats are playing. It’s their chess match. They control the moves.” Brodel explains further in today’s report.

The Secret History Of Al-Qaeda

The spectacular, catalyzing terror attack of 9/11 was not allowed to happen. It was made to happen. But why? Who, other than the devout Muslim suicide warriors posited by the official 9/11 conspiracy theorists, would do such a thing? And for what purpose? More from The Corbett Report.


Triumph Over Mandates!

TRIUMPH! We got two resounding victories against vaccine mandates this week that provide freedom for federal contractors and the people of New York City. The walls of tyranny are crumbling! Plus, let’s take a look at the murder of an alleged Trump supporter and the fight to help America’s political prisoners of the January 6th Capitol events. More from Lori Colley.

Rowdy NYC

Pissed-off New Yorkers take their jab protest top Bill De Blasio’s front door. You remember him: He’s the soon-to-depart New York mayor who’s totally not into kids! And he’s definitely not a Satanist commie retard! More from The Salty Cracker.

Addicted to Mob Violence?

America once placed high regard on fair trials and an honest judicial process. But in today’s world, Leftists now gravitate toward mob violence.

Some of it’s grounded on stupidity and bigotry. Some involves exercising the five-finger discount to snatch early Christmas presents. Some is being ginned up by the despotic Democrats. They remain in power through cheating and through veiled threats placed by their militants arms: Antifa and Black Lives Matter.

In the hours immediately after Kyle Rittenhouse was freed, multiple reports of looting occurred in Chicago. Additional reports, at this point unconfirmed, suggested the looting had spread to New York City and Los Angeles. Already, protests had been announced in Oakland, Portland, Seattle, Milwaukee and Philadelphia, among other sites. Here, Black Pigeon Speaks addresses this dangerous and tumultuous crisis.

Rittenhouse: Trial by jury, Constitutional LAW and We the People retain the power to save our nation. This is a SGT Special Report followed by Part 1 of my two-part interview with Dr. Dave Janda.

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