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The Bite, Part 2

In Pursuit Of Truth returns with a much more detailed look at the elusive realm of adrenochrome. It’s a most unstable substance, difficult to transport or to contain. But it is highly coveted in certain quarters, especially Hollywood, and has led to a booming illegal trade with adrenochrome involving stolen body parts as well as murder. Much of the crime around the world is now focused on body snatching and organ harvesting — deadly pastimes.  In Pursuit of Truth fills us in on this sinister trade.

Who is aiding and abetting our enemies? President Donald Trump gives perhaps his most hard-hitting observation yet on how the Chinese moved to attack and attempt to destroy of economy. We had been the world’s best performing nation for the past three years with record highs on the stock market and record levels of growth and employment. With this coronavirus, all of that got wiped out. Was it the Chinese alone who were guilty? Who else has been aiding and abetting them? More from JustInformed Talk.

Jussie Smollett’s case against the Chicago Police Department has been dismissed. John Durham now moves forward with the investigation looking into other areas. Journalist John Solomon pushes to get the docs from Adam Schiff. The Food and Drug Administration is moving forward. Tick tock time is running out. The Mainstream Media is doing everything to stop it. Trump mentions the Blue Angels during his presser, marker, Iron Eagle, the silent war continues. More from the X22 Report.

John Durham has hired additional investigators to add to his team. The things they specialize in are very telling. Let’s take a look! More from RedPill78.

Our beloved America is turning into quite the totalitarian state. And the zany Leftists at Twitter and YouTube haven’t even begun to get going. Expect them to double down as the 2020 election draws. near. Here, Lori Colley examines what’s happening, taking a look at how YouTube is identifying and removing anything that doesn’t fit its Leftist agenda.

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