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Federal Vs. State Powers

President Trump sent a tremor through the Democrat Party and the lamestream media earlier this week when he claimed absolute authority for opening the states for business. Though he has since backed down from the statement and taken a more conciliatory approach, the media attacks have been relentless. The debate of federal versus state power can be complicated. In the case of the Covid-19 pandemic, if the virus was relegated to a single state, the governor obviously would have the power to make decisions. Unfortunately, viruses know no boundaries. If the pandemic was nationwide, as we are now experiencing, the president has absolute power. Contrary to popular, left-wing belief, Trump is not a power-hungry tyrant. He has continuously shown the propensity to work with state governors. “And that’s the way it should be,” says legendary Constitutional lawyer Alan Dershowitz. “You should have open, cooperative federalism and nobody should be able to use this pandemic to their partisan, politcal advantage.” Dershowitz further breaks down federal versus state powers on the Larry King Show.

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