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The Armageddon Media

ICONS2020’s Sarge adamantly calls out what he calls Armageddon journalism, a group of people out there spewing fake narratives about the state and condition about what’s going on around the planet–and it’s 90 percent bullshit!

Sarge says if you follow anyone that is focused on status or making money or anything outside of winning a real war against the Deep State, they are part of the evil, corrupt idiots attempting to destroy the planet. Here’s his report.

Israeli Soldiers Break Silence

Israeli Defense Forces ((IDF) soldiers give Rebel News correspondent Avi Yemini a different perspective on what’s really going down on the frontline of the Gaza conflict.

Unlike what the media and social justice warriors portray them to be, the IDF soldiers explain that they’re not the bad guys. Says one of the interviewees, “We just want peace. We’re trying to protect our people.” More from Rebel News.

Media Exaggering War Horrors

Horror stories of Hamas’ incursion into Israel have been  widely exaggerated by the media, and even the White House.

Anti-Disinformation says that initial media reports on the ground revealed that babies and toddlers taken by Hamas had their throats slit, some even decapitated. The stories spread like wildfire and were eventually picked up by Israeli officials and the White House in an address by Joe Biden.

The media and other officials later sourced soldiers on the ground for their information, but the beheadings and other atrocities were never really confirmed. In an abrupt about-face, the White House retracted  its statement. Here’s more.

Foreperson Shatters Trump Case

Official ACLJ’s Jordan Sekulow says Emily Kohrs, foreperson in the grand jury that indicted Donald J. Trump in Georgia, all but destroyed the case when she discussed taboo details of the proceedings during interviews with CNN and MSNBC.

Sekulow says Kohrs not only spoke to the media, but spoke to them about things you can’t do, such as jury deliberations and discussions. Jay Sekulow, who formerly represented President Trump, bluntly said, “The case is over. You cannot have deliberations of a grand jury discussed while another grand jury is impaneled to consider the criminal charges that came up in the report that this grand jury foreperson is in charge of.” Team Sekulow explains further.

Maui Fire An Energy Attack?

A survivor of the the wildfire that destroyed the region in Maui County, Hawaii, is adamant that the blaze was not a natural disaster.

Appearing in a short TikTok clip, the woman says, “This was a direct energy attack on the people and the place of Maui.” She says the number of fatalities is grossly under-reported by the media, suggesting there were hundreds, if not thousands, of people who perished. Here’s the video, courtesy of the Jim Crenshaw Channel, and please judge the material for yourself.

Officials Mum On Chef’s Death

Mystery continues to surround the untimely paddle-board drowning of Obama family chef Tafari Campbell on Martha’s Vineyard.

Stew Peters reports that authorities continue to stonewall the media, even refusing basic details about the case, and have been mum on the results of the autopsy, which only revealed there was no outward bruising on Campbell’s body.

Susan Daniels, who spent 30 years as a private investigator and is a self-proclaimed expert on everything Obama, joins “The Stew Peters Show” with some startling facts of her own on the case. She says though the official police report said Campbell died in 8 feet of water just off the shoreline, his body was found 100 feet from shore. And the fact that there is no mention in the autopsy report of water in Campbell’s lungs is highly suspicious.

Daniels says she obtained the Massachusetts Estuary Report, which shows the water depth throughout the Edgar Small Pond, where Campbell drowned. The reports says the water level is 2 feet near the shoreline and even at 100 feet. It doesn’t rise to 8 feet until 300 feet from shore. Was Campbell’s drowning more than an accident? What are the authorities hiding? Here more with Peters and Daniels.


Satanic Music: Stupid Stuff!

It’s not uncommon for morally decent people to refer to overtly evil phenomena as Satanic, and sometimes that can be a bit overblown.

But Alfonzo Rachel wants to know what else can you call music, media and politics that openly call for the worship of Satan himself? And, what can we do about it? Rachel is joined by Bill Whittle to discuss the issue on The Virtue Signal.

UFO Moon Video Real, But Old

Ryushin Malone confirms that recent reports of a UFO sighting on the moon is real, but he says it happened years ago. The event occurred in 2018-2019 and the fact that it’s hitting the news cycle now is “really suspicious,” he says. He explains further.

The Father Of Lies

Medea, in Greek mythology, was a goddess of illusions. Today’s media is much the same — spinning a web of lies and myths to benefit the ruling globalists and the coming AntiChrist.

Thus, it’s not only an easy task, but wise to disregard these purveyors of mischief and mayhem. More from Hugo Talks, discussing Satan and deception, and why the alternative media is just the same as the established media channels.

UK Fake Virus Message Leaks

In an amazing turn of events, Josh Sigurdson reports on smoking-gun evidence surfacing from recent message leaks of former UK health secretary Matt Hancock, which suggest releasing word of a new fake virus to frighten the public.

In the messages, Hancock asks, “When do we release the new variant?” He calls for propaganda to “scare the pants” off of people. Sigurdson says this this is exactly what so-called conspiracy theorists were saying for years and, once again, were proven right. More from World Alternative Media.

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