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Juan O. Savin: October Chaos

Juan O. Savin joins the Nicholas Veniamin podcast to discuss what should be a wild and woolly October on the political front. He believes there will be a number of circumstances coming into play, culminating in late October, resulting in the delay of the 2022 midterms for 30 days.

Savin says the chaos will begin early in the month with the arrest of President Trump and the removal of Joe Biden from the  presidency via the 25th Amendment. He says the Democrats will bypass Kamala Harris for constitutional reasons, and possibly Nancy Pelosi, paving the way for Hillary Clinton or Gavin Newsom. Nevertheless, October will hot and heavy. Here’s Savin and Veniamin with more.

8KUN Owner-Congress At Odds

It’s difficult to believe that Jim Watkins, owner of 8kun website where Q posts, remains at odds with Congress, despite his avowed support of the Constitution. Watkins joins Project Camelot’s Kerry Cassidy to discuss the two occasions when he was subpoenaed to testify before Congress, most recently when he was deposed by the Jan. 6 Committee, the Q posts and more.

Time To Reclaim Our Republic

Radio talk-show host and avid researcher Miki Klann joins Patriot Streetfighter Scott McKay to reveal how the 37 original republics that were sidestepped with the advent of the Columbia Organic Act of 1871, creating the U.S Corporation, Washington D.C., and the new Constitution.

She says we now can reclaim the original republics and engage the military to remove the corporation players from all levels of government. Here’s more.

Feminism Makes Women Crazy

Author Dr. B Real bluntly states that there’s no place to hide on this planet from the fourth wave of feminism’s political movement.

In his two-volume book with a similar title: Surviving 4th Wave Feminism, Dr. B compiles the 10-worst points of the movement, including how these radicals have subverted the armed forces, their plan for single motherhood and their attempt to sidestep the 1st Amendment of the Constitution. Sandman MGTOW explains in the following feature.

Arizona’s ‘F*ck The 4th’ Party

The disgraceful dissing of our country by Arizona Democrats, who unabashedly threw a “F*ck The Fourth” Party on Independence Day, screams loudly about the state of our nation.

Dinesh D’Souza reports that the event, promoted by the Pima County Democrat Party via the Tucson Women’s March, told supporters to bring their water, lawn chairs, posters and anger. While D’Souza acknowledges the event was held, in part, because of the Roe v. Wade decision, he says it’s also a slap at the founding principles of our nation. Here’s D’Souza’s take.

The People Are Awake & United

The [Deep State] is trapped in their own agenda. Nothing has worked to convince the people that Trump is bad. Actually it has had the opposite effect. The people are now coming together under Trump. The people are awake and are coming united under a patriot.

The [Deep State] has lost control. The swamp is being drained and the people will drain the criminal syndicate in government. The people are taking back control and the [Deep State] is panicking. Biden will be removed. A change of batter is coming and the [Deep State] is ready to push chaos. Countermeasures are already in place and everything they try will fail. More from the X22 Report.

Change The Constitution?

During this time of year, we celebrate America’s independence and the documents that made America different, like the Constitution. But is our Constitution good enough today? The people who wrote it made it possible to amend it.

John Stossel asked people, some with legal and political expertise, whether there were things in the Constitution they would change? Surprisingly, some of the best responses came from strangers on the street. 

What’s Next In Post-Roe Era?

Jay and Jordan Sekulow, hosts of the American Center for Law and Justice, and the rest of their legal team, break down the historic Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe v. Wade and opine on what happens next in the fight for life in the post-Roe era.

Juan O Savin: MI6 The Culprit

Juan O. Savin bluntly proclaims that the fiasco and fraud that was the stolen 2020 Presidential election was primarily orchestrated by the Secret Intelligence Service of the United Kingdom, commonly know as MI6. The dossier and other attacks on President Trump trace back to MI6, aided somewhat by MI5 and other NATO countries.

He also points out that up until the moment that Joe Biden was certified the winner of the election by Congress and given the oath of office, there was no reason for the military to get involved, because if there was a fraudulent vote, it fell upon Congress and the courts to right things. When they failed to do so, the military stepped in, because of the overwhelming evidence that the fraud was being orchestrated from outside the country.

“It was always going to be about the military,” Savin says. He says there won’t be a recount or another election, since both would constitute a crime against America. He explains further and brings more insight on Patriot Power, with host Lewis Herms.

D.C. Next For Trucker Convoy

Simon Parkes reports that the trucker convoy isn’t going away anytime soon. He says Canada’s Freedom Truckers will soon join a vanguard of American truckers awaiting them on the Canadian border en route to Washington, D.C.

On the intel front, Parkes says there’s a growing concern at the Pentagon about taking hard military action against the Deep State and more of a desire to work within the Constitution, lessening the chance of invoking the Emergency Broadcast System and other dramatic action. Here’s more intel with Parkes.

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