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Flood Of Information Warfare

The patriots are now bringing the entire country back online. The [Deep State]/Mainstream Media are trying everything they can to stop this. The patriots are now dripping out declassified information on George Papadopoulos, FISA and Michael Flynn. The [DS]/MSM are now in overdrive to spin and stop as much as they possibly can. What we are witnessing is information warfare. More from the X22 Report.

The [Deep State] bio-terrorism plan has now failed. The investigations have begun. The [Deep State] planned this years ago. They were pushing their plan to remove the rights of the people and to push their 16 years’ plan. Trump and the patriots are going after the pedophiles around the world. Time is ticking down. More from the X22 Report. This is from the X22 uncensored report, available on Bitchute, but not on YouTube.

Attorney General William Barr has issued a memo to the States Attorneys to be on the lookout for violation of American Rights. Former President Bill Clinton and California Gov. Gavin Newsom are pushing new coronavirus tests. New Docs revealed on the Flynn case and the government is going to be releasing them soon. Christopher Steele testifies that some claims from the Dossier were made up by Hillary Rodham Clinton’s attorneys! More from RedPill78.

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Re-opening of America is imminent. Truth about the quarantine is exposed. Abandoning extreme measures.  Michael Flynn exoneration. Judges executing justice.  Joe Biden behavior exhumed. More from Lori Colley.

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Do they continue to manipulate us with lies? JustInformed Talk examines the latest Q posts and reviews how the fake news lies about General Michael Flynn.

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