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Santa’s Naughty And Nice List

Are you a horrible person but on the right side of history? Santa is shocked to discover that’s all it takes to be on the nice list. More from the Babylon Bee.

Dems Can’t Live Without Trump

After his victory speech in the recall election, California Gov. Gavin Newsom said, “The recall may have been defeated, but Trumpism has not been.” And when the Republican Glenn Youngkin unexpectedly won the gubernatorial race in New Jersey, CNN’s Van Jones said, “When this election is over in Virginia, we know we will have seen the emergence of the Delta variant of Trumpism.”

In other words, these snarky Democrats just can’t live without Donald J. Trump. “It truly is media schizophrenia,” says Larry Elder. “They love the ratings they get when they cover him, but they hate the fact that all the free publicity they gave him before his election got him elected.” Elder added that the Democrats would be foolhardy to run on their record, so it’s all about Trump. Here’s more from Elder on Epoch Times.

Biden Closing Another Pipeline?

Health Ranger Report’s Mike Adams has learned the Biden Administration is attempting to shut down another oil pipeline in the United States. Republican lawmakers warn that closing the Enbridge Pipeline, in Michigan, might result in fuel-price shocks throughout the Midwest. In the opening days of his administration, President Biden closed the Keystone pipeline.

“They want a surge in fuel prices. They want to create a shortage of fuel,” Adams says. According to the Daily Mail, 13 members of Congress urged the President to keep the pipeline in operation, saying it is essential to the lifeline of the Midwest. Also in this edition of HRR, Adams examines the Satanic implications of the Astroworld concert in Houston and checks out the rumors that California Gov. Gavin Newsom may have contracted Guillain-Barré syndrome, a rare immune-system disorder, after taking the booster shot.

Gavin Newsom Under Arrest?

California Gov. Gavin Newsom hasn’t sent out any Tweets or messages for more than a week now, sparking rumblings that he is under arrest.

Real Raw News claims Newsom was seized by U.S. Marines who raided his private home in Fair Oaks, California on Nov. 1. A gun fight occurred ahead of the arrest, involving the Marines and two of Newsom’s body guards. Both body guards were dispatched.

Neither Newsom’s wife Jennifer nor his four children were apprehended — only Newsom himself.

We cannot independently confirm this report, but we bring it to you because we are beginning to see multiple accounts along these lines. This one is from Wil Paranormal. The Newsom report begins two minutes into the video, after a South Park skit

One thing we do know. Gavin Newsom has been missing in action for 12 days. So something’s up. Besides the Real Raw News account, there are rumblings that Newsom suffered a bout of Bell’s Palsy after taking a coronavirus booster shot. Here, The Salty Cracker addresses that speculation.

Gender-Neutral Toys In Cal

After staving off a recall election, Gov. Gavin Newsom is unleashing his executive power to impose more freedom-killing policies down the throats of Californians.

The latest move from the uber-liberal leftist is a mandate for big-box stores to have gender-neutral toy sections, where traditional blue and pink toys, and toothbrushes are banned. That’s the weirdo left for you! It’s their way or the highway! Larry Elder brings us more details on the mandate and also on the new gas-powered ban on leaf blowers and lawnmowers, and vaccine mandates for elementary school students.

Vocal Print Reveals Fake Biden

Vocal analysis expert Sharry Edwards tells blogger Sarah Westall there’s a strong possibly the Joe Biden we saw early in his presidency isn’t the same person we see today.

Edwards says, “Things that were in his voice in the beginning, like vascular dementia, they’re not there now. So we don’t know what they’re doing or if these are even the same people.” Edwards says she can’t be 100 percent on the analysis, but points out that the things that were in Biden’s vocal print when he was running for president aren’t there anymore.

She also reveals the recent vocal-print analysis she conducted on the current batch of tyrants terrorizing the country and world, including Nancy Pelosi, Alejandro Mayorkas, Gov. Gavin Newsom and Bill Clinton, and says, “We learn the truths that they cannot hide in their vocal prints.”

Wrath Of Media Sunk Elder

When you dissect Larry Elder’s attempt to unseat Gov. Gavin Newson in the recent California special recall election, the reason he failed sticks out like a sore thumb. Not only was Elder up against the corrupt Democrat Party, but he also faced the wrath of the fake news media.

At center stage was the uber-liberal Los Angeles Times, who labeled Elder the “Black Face Of White Supremacy” in a headline right out of the campaign box. When Elder called The Times out in an editorial board interview, they were speechless, but that didn’t deter the fake news. Later in the campaign, Elder was attacked by a woman wearing a gorilla mask during a visit to Venice Beach. The Times published an article with the headline: “LAPD is investigating altercation involving Larry Elder at Venice homeless encampment.” It included a misleading photo, where Elder appeared to be slapping a woman. And on and on.

The usual political suspects stormed into California in support of Newsom, appearing in a flurry of campaign ads. Says Elder, “Notice they never uttered the following words: Gavin Newsom has done a good job for the people of California.” More with Elder for Epoch Times.

Gavin Newsom’s California

It’s fine! all the people leaving are wrong! More from FreedomToons.

They Woke Up The Monster

OnTheFringe’s Dan Radiostyle reports the failures of the Biden Administration are rising so rapidly that people on the other side of the fence are joining the fight against tyranny. “Major stuff is going on right now that is going to lead to millions of people protesting,” Radiostyle says. “And these millions of people … not going to be patriot-side people, it’s going to be left-leaning-type people. They woke up the monster.”

Perhaps one of the major forces driving the change in sentiment is the Deep State’s attack on pop idol Nicki Minaj for pushing back on their vaccination narrative. Radiostyle says the Deep State not only started a war with the Hip-hop and black communities, but also the Hispanics, all three major Democrat Party supporters. In the following report, Radiostyle touches on the irregularities of California’s recall election, the impending Arizona forensic audit results, expected in the the next week or so, and the looming Durham indictments.

Did Newsom Cheat On Live TV?

Today, we follow up on General Mark Milley’s treason, some shocking stories about unnecessary covid deaths and Pennsylvania is starting their election investigation. Stick around to the end for a very important heartfelt announcement from me about the future of this channel and my life going forward. More from RedPill78.

Another day, another stolen election. Americans woke up Wednesday to find that California Gov. Gavin Newsom had easily beat back a challenge from Republican Larry Elder. We have no doubt the election was actually much closer than the election results indicated. Perhaps Elder actually won. We might never know the truth.

Newsom is part of the Leftist charade that has been riding into power based on fraud and corruption. He might have “won” re-election in California, but at least nationally, more folks have woken up to this disgusting guttersnipe as well as the cheating cads behind him. It might take more time, but we will deal with these blowhards, and produce a cleaner election process in the United States. More from Jordan Sather with Destroying the Illusion.

On this episode, I go over my experience with catching the COVID-19 China Virus. We also cover the latest treason by General Mark Milley. And we briefly discuss the fraudulent recall election of Gavin Newsom. Then, we cover Psalm 91. More from JustInformed Talk.

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