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Hate In Disguise

Who are the Leftist weasels in the United Kingdom behind the hate campaign against David Icke? Jamie Dlux gives us a look at the assortment of so-called charitable foundations behind the drive to remove Icke from YouTube and prohibit him from communicating with his one million followers worldwide.

Imran Ahmed, chief executive officer of Center for Countering Digital Hate, led this censorship drive. Among the so-called “charitable” foundations that backed him: the Barrow Cadbury Trust, the Joseph Rountree Foundation, the Laura Kinsella Foundation, the Pears Foundation and Unbound Philanthropy.

Going forward, any foundations that push censorship should have their charitable status revoked. These are not foundations that mean to improve our world, but only to limit what we can read, or see, or think. Not only should they lose their tax exemptions, but they should be taxed the same, if not more than, any for-profit corporation. They are evil and should be singled out and ostracized.

As for Herr Ahmed, this weasel is nothing more than a two-bit Nazi. Shame on YouTube for sucking up to a dirty Fascist pig.

Quiet down, citizen! YouTube, Facebook, Twitter. All of these social media platforms are now practicing Chinese-style censorship. Hundreds are being ex-communicated. Individuals are losing channels that have taken them many years to build, some with thousands upon thousands of followers. Why? These social media platforms never meant to allow us to communicate. They only meant to control what we say and can think or do. More from Vincent James of The Red Elephants.



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