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ADL Goes After Steam

Now that we’re all in our homes, locked in so to speak, what can the Leftists move to censor next? How about our video games. Now, the Anti-Defamation League is trying to muscle the online game provider Steam to force it to give the ADL a new censorship role. The Left doesn’t even represent close to a majority of American citizens, so why should they have censorship rights over the rest of us? More from Sinatra Says.

Speaking of censorship, Facebook has announced a new “Supreme Court” to govern post removals, and lo and behold, it’s dominated by a bunch of Leftists. This is to be expected these days, As Facebook has already shown its colors, and is markedly tilted to the left. Should we fight these bastards? Styxhexenhammer666 thinks this oligarchic structure is boggy and Soviet-style, but mostly irrelevant.

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