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Twitch Introduces “Deer Censor”

We have focused on how YouTube, Google, Facebook and Twitter have all engaged in blatant and fraudulent censorship this election season. Now, another pipsqueak social media platform, Twitch, is entering into the fray. It’s the Apple platform often used by game players to communicate with each other.

But now, gamers can be shut down if they offend Steph Loehr, a transgender invited to join the Twitch Safety Advisory Council. Loehr likes to prance around in his backyard pretending he’s a deer. But don’t mouth off to him/her, or you could face the wrath of Loehr. “Some people should be afraid of me,” this grass muncher boasts. Meanwhile, as his boyfriend massages his temples, Loehr enjoys a “deergasm.”

Of course, Loehr is a card-carrying member of the ADL, or Anti-Defamation League. We kid you not.

Thank you, Apple. Now when Google gets hauled up for anti-trust violations, you will have earned yourself a place in the cue among the next corporations that deserves a big, fat target. More from Vincent James of The Red Elephants in a video called Is This Real Life?

Here, a gamer, Mr. Lewdacris, reacts to Deer Censor. Lewdacris says, “Twitch have made loads of questionable decisions in their time and this latest one is no exception. They have decided to hire a deer person and let them speak on behalf of all gamers on their platform.”

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