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Get Ready For Frankathon!

Get ready for the blockbuster Frankathon, Mike Lindell’s two-day launch of his social media platform––that will be like a combination of YouTube and Twitter. More importantly, it’s a much-needed platform for free speech.

Lindell says he’s spent millions of dollars over four years building the platform, which will be the most secure in the industry. He says the forums will be attacked by the Left, but the days of censorship and cancel culture are over. “We have our own servers and everything, and we’re not going to be worried about Amazon taking it down or YouTube or Google or Apple. We’re going to get our voice of free speech out there.” Here’s more with Lindell on TruthVideos1984.

Siege Preplanned On Facebook

President Trump absolutely did not incite the Jan. 6 siege on Capitol Hill, because it was preplanned on Facebook! Investigative blogger Dinesh D’Souza reveals that based on court and FBI documents, Facebook not Parler, was the social media platform where the unlawful actions were coordinated.

The documents show beyond any doubt that a group of 30 to 40 people–the group that eventually led to the storming of the Capitol–preplanned the incident. They arrived in Washington, circulated maps of tunnels and other logistics, and knew exactly what they were doing. How did they pull this off? Amazon, Google and Apple jumped the gun and blamed Parler for organizing a coup and terrorist act and for being a violent platform that allowed violent commentary. Not true, D’Souza says. “Parler had the minimal role in this. The larger role was Google, itself. And the biggest role was Facebook.” He points to the charging documents of 200 or so individuals in the Capitol Hill investigation as irrefutable proof. The documents reflect the work of the FBI and other investigatory agencies about what communications really occurred and where.

So, it doesn’t matter if the Democrats push forward and produce this evidence or that evidence. The process is flawed. It’s a foregone conclusion that the corrupt Democrats will not even come close to coercing 17 Republicans (number of GOP needed to convict) to vote against Trump. Here’s more from D’Souza, who also offers his take on the latest garbage being spewed by Iran’s supreme mullah, who says the era of the United States is over.

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A New Internet On The Way

Tim Berners-Lee, the father of the World Wide Web, is sick of how Big Tech and social media companies have corrupted his child. And most disgusting for Berners-Lee, is the recent and unecessary eruption of censorship.

He’s building a brand new version of the internet, where you are in control of all your personal data, far away from the sinister fingers of manipulative corporations, such as Google, Facebook, Apple and Twitter. The “Right Angle” triumvirate of Bill Whittle, Stephen Green and Scott Ott give their impressions of the new revelation.

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The Move To Alt Tech

Styxhexenhammer666 has been among the most active pundits pushing a move to alt-tech. The reason is glaringly obvious: You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the winds blow.  We cannot stay when the censorship is ever-present and non-stop.

We must all abandon the old billionaire companies — Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google, Apple. If they want us docile, beat down, and starving, it they want us wearing face masks with straps across our mouths, then let them undergo upheaval, disunity and disruption, too.

Time to shift over to Gab, Parler, Bitchute. And even throw them a few bones. Let’s start the revolution off with a bang!


Big Lies From Big Tech

Big Tech leaders failed miserably in their much-anticipated hearing before the House Judiciary Committee earlier this week, basically lying through their teeth. The shameful performance was a display of deception and cowardice for Google’s Sundar Pichai, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos and Apple’s Tim Cook. Matt Stoller, research director for the American Economic Liberties Project emphasized that this was the most important Congressional hearing on corporate power since the 1930s, where the four CEOs faced questioning for the first time on their shady policies from well-prepared members of the committee. “These guys seem like they’re titans of industry, but all they really pay attention to is making sure that the toll booth that they control is in working order,” Stoller says. “But the rest of it–they don’t care.” Here’s more with Stoller and the “Rising” crew in this edition of The Hill.

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Suicide Weekend Ahead?

McAllister TV analyzes the latest frantic Instagrams and Tweets coming out from celebrities. It seems they are all suffering severe symptoms from adrenochrome withdrawal. They are sharing thoughts on hybrids and synthetic adrenochrome substitutes. They are losing hope they can find anything that will work to stave off their advancing decay and rot. The alternative is becoming clear: Suicide weekend.

Howie Mandel’s SHOE talk, for instance, had little to do with Shoes, but instead 5HOE, where a “5” replaces the “S.” That’s the crystal structure of EST24, a carbohydrate acetylesterase from Sinorhizobium meliloti. Here is a page devoted to that structure from the Protein Data Base:

Also, analyzed in this McAllister TV video: the new Instagram from Alec Baldwin, which does seem to contain several cryptic passages, possibly alluding to a Suicide Weekend. We shall see, and might understand much more, soon.

Also discussed here: More Big Tech lies. None of these social media companies — Google, YouTube, Apple, Amazon, Facebook or Twitter — has an ounce of integrity. Let’s hope they are all taken to the watershed and straightened out soon. They are doing their best to destroy American freedoms. Screw every one of them, along with the blood-sucking Communist Chinese and Democratic fiends behind them!


Democrats’ Plan: Cheat To Win

Warning. The mayhem we’ve seen so far is nothing compared to what the Democrats have planned for November. They cannot win the 2020 elections fairly. So they are flooding the system with mail-in ballots, more votes than some districts have ever registered or reported. They are going to continue to flood the system with false and fraudulent ballots. More from Black Conservative Patriot.

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The [Deep State]/Mainstream Media have just lost the narrative. The truth about the pandemic numbers is now being revealed to the public. [Adam Schiff] and other corrupt politicians are now panicking. They don’t know what John Durham and William Barr are investigating. Q dropped some bread. The investigation moves forward and confirms the number are being manipulated. More from the X22 Report.

The true identity of the [D] Party is coming to light. Arrests are now happening. Folks are beginning to see how the Democrats have manipulated not only the coronavirus pandemic, but also the violent city riots. Who pays for Al Sharpton to fly private? Is this about improving the quality of black lives or about something else?

No matter how you shake it, it’s an ugly picture. This is a party that not only needs to lose, but lose by massive numbers to force its leadership to adopt a more honest approach to politics. No more pushing brutal violence or the dirty dealings of the CIA. More from And We Know.

How have American cyber companies worked with China to create a computing system now engaged in espionage against the West? We’re talking about Yahoo, Google, Cisco, Microsoft and Apple have all collaborated with the Chinese. They are now hacking the West and stealing our intellectual property. More from JustInformed Talk.

This may be the most important interview about SILVER we’ve ever done. Shocking, quantifiable data that just might convince you that at current prices, the element known as Ag is the most incredibly undervalued tangible asset of all time. Analyst James Anderson joins SGTReport to discuss.

Clowns In America Are Back

Over the last 24 hours we have gotten several posts revealing the role the intelligence agencies, and specifically a central ABC, played a role in the S_p_y gate scandal. All signs indicate John Brennan, the former director of the CIA, served as the quarterback, orchestrating the lying, subterfuge and criminal activity against the administration of President Donald Trump. Clarity should begin now that John Ratcliffe has been confirmed by the US Senate to serve as director of national intelligence. Today, we dive deep into the info and determine exactly how it all began. More from RedPill78.

When the coronavirus hit the United States, Dr. Anthony Fauci said wearing a mask didn’t make a bit of difference. But then something changed. He began to wear a mask all the time around President Donald Trump. Was Fauci wrong in his original assertion? Or did he begin to wear a mask to make people feel more afraid? In Pursuit of Truth explores what’s going on with the head medical “expert.”

Also discussed here: The role connecting Hillary Clinton, former New York senator, with Robert Byrd, former West Virginia senator. Byrd admitted he made a mistake in the 1940s when he belonged to the KKK and served as an Exalted Cyclops, or leader of his local KKK chapter, otherwise known as a Klavern. What exactly is an Exalted Cyclops? How does it differ from a Grand Giant, a Grand Dragon or a Grand Wizard? Here, we learn a bit about the KKK and its leadership structure.

Also, how are the Democrats using Covid-19 to try to block discussion of the many acts of Democrat corruption and malfeasance, like FISAgate and Joe Biden and his son Hunter ripping off the Ukraine? Why doesn’t the mainstream media ever do its job and report these crimes? Face it, the Democrats are flaming crooks. They released hardened rapists and murderers from prison. They don’t care about America. They don’t give a rats’ ass about you. They are evil — through and through.

The [Deep State]/Mainstream Media are now doing everything and anything but at each turn the people are finding out that they have been lying. Treason runs deep with the [DS]. Ratcliffe was just confirmed as the next Director of National Intelligence. The [DS] are now blocked. They are exposed. There is no place to hide. The patriots are coming for them. More from the X22 Report.

Do we have ourselves a Pan-Dem-Ic or a widespread example of Dem-Pan-Ic? Why are the Democrats so intent on forcing us to stay at home indefinitely. Are they a bunch of Karens looking out for our health or are they looking out for their own hides? They are the ones who stand to gain if the economy is in a shambles, but then, of course, they are the ones blowing the economy wide open. And what about Mika Brzezinski? Why does she want Twitter to shut down President Donald Trump? Probably because he’s tweaking her polecat boyfriend! More from Lori Colley.

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Vladimir Putin has outlawed Bill Gates and the Microsoft Corporation from doing any business in Russia. We give the Russians credit. Microsoft ought to be kicked out of America as well, as long as they’re pushing cult baby killers like Marina Abramovic. Also, as more countries around the world have phenomenal success attacking the coronavirus with hydroxychloroquine, the question becomes: How long before our tainted and corrupt Centers for Disease Control and Prevention follows suit and allows HCQ usage here to fight coronavirus? How long will the CDC push death instead of life?

Also in this edition of TRUreporting, Apple plans a new update to support contact tracing. What’s wrong with our Big Tech companies? Why are they all so eager to enforce Chinese-style censorship and health practices. Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, Google — all of them need to be spanked and spanked hard over the months to come.

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Twitch Introduces “Deer Censor”

We have focused on how YouTube, Google, Facebook and Twitter have all engaged in blatant and fraudulent censorship this election season. Now, another pipsqueak social media platform, Twitch, is entering into the fray. It’s the Apple platform often used by game players to communicate with each other.

But now, gamers can be shut down if they offend Steph Loehr, a transgender invited to join the Twitch Safety Advisory Council. Loehr likes to prance around in his backyard pretending he’s a deer. But don’t mouth off to him/her, or you could face the wrath of Loehr. “Some people should be afraid of me,” this grass muncher boasts. Meanwhile, as his boyfriend massages his temples, Loehr enjoys a “deergasm.”

Of course, Loehr is a card-carrying member of the ADL, or Anti-Defamation League. We kid you not.

Thank you, Apple. Now when Google gets hauled up for anti-trust violations, you will have earned yourself a place in the cue among the next corporations that deserves a big, fat target. More from Vincent James of The Red Elephants in a video called Is This Real Life?

Here, a gamer, Mr. Lewdacris, reacts to Deer Censor. Lewdacris says, “Twitch have made loads of questionable decisions in their time and this latest one is no exception. They have decided to hire a deer person and let them speak on behalf of all gamers on their platform.”

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The Big Tech Cartels

Remember when the Internet was new and everyone perceived it would be the Information Superhighway? Little did we realize then that the Big Tech companies that formed to service the Internet — Google, Microsoft and Apple at the start — all imagined themselves as cartels. They not only would carve out the Internet and try to control its financial transactions and muscle out their competitiors, but they also began to dictate what we could think, what we could say, how and when we had access and what we could read. Here, Black Pigeon Speaks addresses these Hi-Tech Politboros, the Leftist Media Cartels.

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