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Truth About Trump’s Finances

The lying Leftists, including those in the mainstream media, like to wail about President Donald Trump’s finances. Some of them charge that he ran for president to feather his own nest and get richer. But according to Forbes, which is the definitive source for analyzing the wealth of individuals and families, the truth is much different.

President Trump ranked as high as the top 250 wealthiest people alive in 2019. But in the most recent Forbes ranking, he had fallen closer to number 1,000. He’s just not gaining wealth while he serves as president and while he’s not micromanaging his properties.  He’s certainly not steering government contracts his way.

In this latest video from Black Conservative Patriot, learn how President Trump is bringing peace to the Middle East. Also, what gives with Joe Biden’s national mask mandate?

The [Deep State]/Mainstream Media are now trapped in their entire Russian collusion narrative. [Kevin Clinesmith] is now pleading guilty for altering an email. This is the first marker and now it is verified. The MSM tried to trap Trump with a 17 question but he did not fall for it. Why ask now? Why ask the wrong question? Is something planned? The patriots are in control and another message is received. More from the X22 Report.

Attorney General William Barr brings the heat! Nothing can stop what is coming! Nothing! More from And We Know.

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