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Twitter Doctors

She’s feeling all alone now that the peons aren’t wearing face masks anymore. Let’s check in with the Conservative Momma.

Airline Mask Mandate Lifted

Stop cheering. Noo, it’s not safe !!! More from FreedomToons.

The Travel Mask Mandate Ends

The federal mask mandate for travel has been overturned and deemed illegal! That means no more masks on planes or in airports. Here’s everything you need to know. More from AwakenwithJP and We Lie To You News.

Explaining the five waves of mandate…and the sixth wave of bullshit. More from WhatsHerFace.

[Hillary Clinton] Now Panicking

The [Deep State]/[Hillary Rodham Clinton] is panicking. She has now deployed all assets. She fell right into the trap and the lies are being exposed. Julian Assange is being brought back to the US. Do the patriots have the source? How do you introduce evidence legally?

The war in Ukraine is failing for the [Deep State] and the fake news is panicking that Trump and the people have the upper hand and it’s not going away. They keep talking about how democracy will be destroyed: translation they are talking about their system that they put in place. That is what will be destroyed. More from the X22 Report.

Elections, masks, spies, jabs, cancer. It’s all coming out! They can’t censor everything!  The lying Leftist putzes are in full panic mode! Pray! More from And We Know.

News on Assange extradition, the day that Disney died, Libs of Tin Tock doxxed and Durham filings reveal perjury on behalf of HFA (Hillary For America) and others in the Alfa bank scandal. More from RedPill78.

Permission To Breathe Freely

Amazing Polly returns with a new video addressing the dropping of the mass mandates on American airplanes. Most people are cheering the end to these ridiculous mandates. Amazing Polly chides the passengers, saying they should never have agreed to the mask mandates in the first place. The full title of her video, “Permission To Breathe Freely, Sir?”

The ruling clearly means an end to air and train mandates requiring passengers to wear masks while in transit. The only possible exception: If the Biden administration is so moronic they challenge the ruling. We know they’re dumb. But they can’t be that moronic, can they? More from Mr, Reagan.

What They Want You To Forget

This is a collection of video clips and news articles that you might or might not remember focusing on the coronavirus pandemic. Some have been memory-holed. Anyway, I arranged them on a loose time in an upside-down world archive of sorts. More from Really Graceful.

The Public Will Know Soon

The patriots are now on the hunt and the major offensive is now happening. The patriots have it all and the [Deep State] is feeling pain every step of the way. The public will know the truth soon. The [Deep State] has already failed and Devolution is in full swing. Trump already laid out what is coming next and this has to do with Taiwan. More from the X22 Report.


Mask Mandates Get Lifted

Watch as a group of children learn that the mask mandates are being lifted and they will be able to go to school without wearing masks. More from Sebastian Gorka.

Covid War Ending Soon

The good news: The covid war will be ending soon. That’s the prediction of Gerald Celente, one of the top trends researchers on the planet, who says to look for the pushy Karens, the paranoid mask enforcers and their governmental allies to drop their crusade sometime this spring.

What’s behind the change? For starters, a growing number of European nations, including Great Britain, Denmark and now Austria, have abandoned the tired Covid-19 protocols. These nations are wising up. You cannot fight a medical war in a way that kills thousands of jobs and destroys vital businesses and industries.

The bad news? Celente expects leftists won’t be happy once they can’t badger the public using covid. He expects them to try to exert their authority some other way, most likely, by pushing a draconian climate change agenda.  Here, he offers advice to the Canadian truckers and extols the virtue of wine, while discussing current politics one-on-one with Greg Hunter on


masking kids

come ON guys trust the SCIENCE!!! More from FreedomToons.

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