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Giuliani: Michigan AG A Phony

Former New York City Mayor and head of the Team Trump legal team, Rudy Giuliani, is steamed at Michigan  Attorney General Dana Nessel and her zeal to let Democrats steal the Presidential election.

The flamboyant Giuliani says Nessel is missing the fact that the corrupt Democrat Party in Detroit hauled in 100,000 votes at 4:30 a.m. in vehicles that looked like garbage trucks and stashed in garbage pales, with no Republicans observers in sight. He says his team has witnesses to the incident that have testified under oath. “But I guess the Michigan attorney general doesn’t like witnesses that are testifying under oath about things that are damaging the Democrats. What a phony,” he says.

Appearing with Fox News’ Lou Dobbs, Giuliani explains how the Trump Team is fighting to block illegal ballots and also gives his take on the departure of Sidney Powell from the legal team.

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