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Down For The Count

As the evidence mounts of massive cheating in the 2020 presidential election, those with a take in the outcome keep showing signs of greater stress — and duress. We are learning more about our voting machines and coming to understand that they are not American-made, but maintained overseas and, in many cases, operated using software under the control of Venezuelan companies. Even CNN questioned the reliability and accuracy of these machines in a damaging 2006 report.

Meanwhile, video evidence suggests cheating occurred in several states, notably Georgia. But oral testimony has also brought into question the voting in Arizona, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. In Pursuit of Truth — who just had a tweet that President Donald Trump retweeted — zeroes in on many of these cases in a new video called Down for the Count. We could blab some more, but time to get pursuity!

The [Deep State]/[Central Bankers] are moving forward right into the trap. The [Deep State]/Mainstream Media have deployed all assets. January is going to be rough month. The patriots have trapped them. The case is overwhelming. White hat hackers have the evidence. The tide is turning, Trump and the patriots sent a message. Big things are about to happen. Buckle up. Countermeasures are coming. More from the X22 Report.

Exposing the criminal theft of the 2020 Presidential election. You’d be hearing more about it, except we no longer have a free press in America: Just a bunch of Leftist goons who work hand in glove with Big Tech to smooth the rocky waters for the corrupt Democratic Party. More from JustInformed Talk.

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