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Trudeau Has Gone Bonkers

Chalk up another vlogger who thinks Justin Trudeau has absolutely lost it. According to top secret documents published by a Canadian a conservative news site, the Canadian Prime Minister invited China’s People’s Liberation Army to train troops in Canada. The source claimed that not only was China sending soldiers into Canada, but also a handful of spies.

This doesn’t sit well with old-fashioned conservative vlogger Brian Lovig, who says, “Are you kidding me. These are your semi-enemies, aren’t they? They attack other countries and they keep Canadians in prison, they lock them up.” Lovig says that Trudeau is the same guy who said a few years ago that he admired the Chinese dictatorship and now he’s inviting them into his country. Makes no sense.

In the following edition, Lovig also rants on Trudeau’s wild COVID-19 spending, Canada’s ever-increasing foreign aid output and its refugee resettlement program.

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