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Stepford Biden’s Final Days

After his many gaffes and his rapidly declining popularity with voters, it’s becoming apparent to one and all that Stepford Biden will not be running again for President in 2024 but instead running back to the safety and cover of his basement.

How will the Democrats scramble to replace him? How do the UFO Files and the U.S. Space Force factor into this entanglement? How about the balance of the Deep State and Continuity of Government factions?

Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt addresses these issues in a video ominously called Final Election 2024. Will it be the last election? Will it even be a genuine election, or just another rig job orchestrated by the hacks at the CIA?

Hands Off Our Kids!!

The new Freedom Rally storms across Canada. A massive new patriotic movement is sweeping across the nation of Canada. The protesters appeared in cities all over the nation to call for an end to the Leftist government and its policies supporting pedophiles. Here is more from Steve Turley.

Lauren Southern joins the 1 Million March For Children in Vancouver, Canada. This is one of a large ring of protests across Canada aimed at shaming the Leftist government for allowing the nation to be overrun by pedophiles. There’s no doubt about it, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his Liberal colleagues in Canada need to go.

The same applies to the U.S. President Joe Biden, who is also a worthless and corrupt front man for pedophiles. These leaders do not represent the people of North America, only the dirty, dog fascist elites. Their time is over!

We’re Doing It Again

Mask mandates are coming back! And other wonderful news…Here’s more from Awaken from JP.

Trudeau: Pedophile In Hiding?

What do Bill Gates and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau have in common? They both have a habit of laughing in the least appropriate moments. Could be why both of their wives left them. Of course, there are persistent rumors that both wives left because these two influential men are drawn to underage victims.

In Trudeau’s case, he not only has a former roommate who has been jailed on pedophile charges, but also himself had to pay more than half a million dollars in hush money to a teen girl. He allegedly had conducted an extensive affair with the girl while serving as her teacher.

Here’s more from The People’s Voice, shared by Pirate Pete. They believe Trudeau’s taboo sexual secrets will soon be much more widely exposed.

Know Them By Their Fruits

In attacking the film The Sound of Freedom, Morning Joe co-host Mika Brzezinski claims that child trafficking does not exist.

You have to wonder: Which planet is she from? She’s either the dumbest journalist ever born, a pitiful liar or an outright CIA plant and apologist on television.

How else explain her preposterous argument that child trafficking doesn’t exist? Has she never heard of Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell? Does she believe Epstein produced adolescent sex slaves through magic?  What a clown!

Here, SGT Report discusses Brzezinski with his guest Liz Churchill, a Canadian labeled an “extremist” by the twit Canadian premier Justin Trudeau. Besides Brzezinski, the lively discussion gets into treason, trans insanity and, of course, child trafficking.

Wildfire Smoke Everywhere

Wildfire smoke, seemingly from Canada, has descended across much of the American Midwest and Middle Eastern states. The smoke has an acrid chemical smell, leading many to wonder if it’s been laced, possibly with toxins or poisons.

Just how eager are the globalists to kill us all? Are these thick blankets of smoke the handiwork of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his incompetent government? Or is Trudeau just a stooge, following orders from the globalist architects of the New World Order?

These globalists have appeared to be hellbent to burn out or poison the North American heartland for many months now, given the enormous spike in train derailments, food processing plant fires and other bizarre “accidents.”

Here’s more from Truth Provider, citing a woman who claims the wildfires were all premeditated and set by arsonists. In other words, there’s little about this sequence of events that is justified or natural — just more conspiratorial political balderdash!

The World Storm Ahead!

As smoke from forest fires from Canada spills across the United States, we are reminded of the global storm ahead. Sen. Chuck Schumer warned us: The Deep State will not be merciful nor will it be deliberate, but instead, we can expect lightning, fires and storms at every turn. The Deep State has been backed into a corner, so we can expect it to strike us back hard.

This comes as the information war intensifies and the glaring crimes committed by Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton become plainly visible. Same as the criminal haze that fully engulfs Joe Biden as well as his colleague to the north — Canada’s prime minister Justin Trudeau.

The evil plans of these globalists are now becoming crystal clear. Who are the White Rabbits? How will social media play a role in exposing their corruption. Here’s more from And We Know.

Satanic Pedophiles Rule World

They’ve indicted Trump to distract from the massive exposure of Child Trafficking and Adrenochrome/Organ harvesting the Politicians and Snake News are desperately trying to prevent you from learning about.

Big Tech and Ukraine have been implicated in being complicit in committing horrendous atrocities against children, but thanks to the independent media, the truth is coming out. Here’s more from Son of Enos.

Fires Likely Set On Purpose

With virtually every problem we’ve seen in Canada. the blame always seems to rest on state control and the current fires raging all across Canada are certainly no exception.

While the Alberta government looks into arson as a possible explanation, the so-called experts are more worried about misinformation regarding climate change than anything else.

In this video, Dan Dicks of Press For Truth covers the 2023 Canadian fires that are raging out of control, while also finding a lot of similarities to the 2016 Canadian fires showing how this now appears to be either a MIHOP (Makes It Happen On Purpose) or LIHOP (Let It Happen On Purpose) situation!

PiratePete sees the raging wildfires from Nova Scotia to Quebec, on westward to Alberta and British Columbia, as being acts on sabotage orchestrated by the globalists to force Canadian citizens to flee the forested regions and had into 15-minute cities. In other words, these globalists are in cahoots with the World Economic Forum in pushing tyranny and totalitarianism. You can see the hands of Justin Trudeau all over this mess!

Trudeau’s Golden Showers

Just how sick are the Illuminati globalists running most of the Western nations of the world? For a prime example, listen as Jamie Dlux shares the memoirs of Cathy O’Brien — long used as a puppet and a sexual slave during her youth. Under the control of MK Ultra programming, O’Brien was shuttled from one world leader to another to abuse her.

Here, she talks about her experiences with Pierre Trudeau, the former Prime Minister of Canada and the father of the current Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.  Pierre Trudeau was an absolute degenerate and derelict, whose peeing afflictions echoed in his name “Pi-erre.” Dlux shares passages from O’Brien’s audio book TRANCE Formation of America.

You might think she is wacky, but if so, how do you explain how her vulva has been carved to resemble a figurine of Satan?. It’s time for Justin Trudeau and the rest of the Satanists — including Joe Biden — to be forever removed from public office. These politicians should never be mistaken for actual role models. They are little more than gross, malevolent perverts.

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