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Canada’s Death Wish

Last year, a shocking 1 in 30 deaths in Canada were due to assisted suicide. This year, Rebel News Editor-in-Chief Sheila Gunn Reid says there are already 10,000 requests, in writing, for medically assisted suicide.

Appearing on Fox News, with Laura Ingraham, Gunn says she hopes to put an end to the death knell by spearheading a national campaign to force the Canadian government to end this practice. Here’s more.

Institutionalizing The Unvaxxed?

Josh Sigurdson reports on recent news out of Canada, regarding the recommendation by the Canadian College Of Physicians to drug and institutionalize those people who are not vaccinated or are  so-called “vaccine hesitant.”

Sigurdson says this is the latest call for the destruction of bodily autonomy, which piles onto thousands of other examples out of Canada, alone. Here’s his report on World Alternative Media.

Did Biden Silence Truckers?

Lauren Southern reports that Justin Trudeau’s testimony before Canada’s Public Order Emergency Commission was a total disaster!

The inquiry, regarding everything about the freedom truckers convoy from earlier this year, found Trudeau on the hot seat, lying and flip-flopping under oath, and revealing the mass exposure that the Biden Administration was complicit in the trucker shutdown. Lauren Southern digs into the details.

Secrets Ready To Be Revealed

The [Deep State] are now reacting to everything. They are panicking over Twitter. They have lost control of the blocking system and Elon Musk is about to reveal the truth. The people that were banned are now about to come back online.

The [Deep State] in the end will only have one choice: A communication blackout because official secrets are about to be revealed. The [Deep State] never thought that the secrets would see the light of day. Trump is pushing freedom. More from the X22 Report.

No More Forced Jabs

Ryan Orydzuk, a Canadian federal safety officer in exile, joins The Stew Peters Show to expose the tricks and coercion tactics used to mass-vaccinate everyone north of the border.

Orydzuk tells Peters he believes that Canada’s federal employees were coerced en masse into taking an experimental gene therapy and, by extension, this violated their basic occupational safety rights. So now, Orydzuk says, his movement is standing up and suing the Canadian government for the vaccine mandates. Here’s more.

Canada Bans All Handguns

Canada just announced a full ban on handguns…over Twitter. More from the Liberty Doll.

Darth Vader Riding A Tricycle

This week on the New World Next Week: Trudeau is on the stand as the Emergencies Act inquiry gets under way in Ottawa; Japan to bring in an integrated digital ID card; and AI art is winning prizes now. More from The Corbett Report and Media Monarchy.

Big-Skulled Anunnaki Banksters

References in ancient Sumeria as well as the Old Testament first introduced the Anunnaki, the so-called Giants who meddled in the affairs of humankind. Said to be of large stature, with big skulls, have these giants survived to modern times? Are individuals such as the Rothschild banking family descended from this old breed?

Here, McAllister TV delves into the possible existence of longstanding secrets that have been covered up and shielded away from our view. One place where you can go to catch whiffs of the truth: The Q MegaMeme files.

McAllister TV host Linda Paris draws from these files to trace connections linking a host of neer-do-wells, from the lying leftists in the fake news to the pedophile profiteers in Hollywood and Washington DC. And these black hats aren’t simply Americans. They are a global phenomenon, with many political and business leaders, especially in Europe,  just as compromised and as complicit.

When will the Great Awakening come, so we can clear the decks and start fresh, building a safer and more solid society? Stay tuned.

Guy Brummell (aka Agent Margaritaville) holds the key to the Canadian crown government’s darkest secrets, and now feels his life could be in danger! Will Guy be able to seek amnesty from the USA, per the USMCA Agreement? All eyes on Guy Brummell! Here’s a second post Tuesday from McAllister TV.

Blood On The Piano

Here’s the sordid tale of a troubled young actor who shot his own mother and killed her. Ryan Grantham, a Canadian actor, played in such films as Diary of A Wimpy Kid and Becoming Redwood. He was 22 years old at the time of the murder, shooting his own mother in the back of the head while she was playing the piano.

He also intended to go to Ottawa and assassinate Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, but dropped that course of action at the last moment. More from Jamie Dlux.

The Child-Killer Covid Vax

RenaudBe reports of a slew of public hearings by medical specialists, issuing dire warnings that the Covid-19 vaccine has caused many deaths and injuries and should have been pulled off the market long ago.

One of those stern warnings was delivered by Dr. Peter McCullough, cardiologist and epidemiologist, who testified before the Senate on the four pillars of the Covid response. Meanwhile, the Satanic pedo-politicians, such as Joe Biden and Justin Trudeau, continue to peddle and personally profit from the unsafe and toxic vaxxes. Here’s RenaudBe’s report.

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