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Will Canada Fall Like Australia?

David Freiheit, candidate for Prime Minister of Canada running against Justin Trudeau, joins Sarah Westall to share his thoughts on the current situation in Canada and around the world. We discuss how close Canada is to falling and what he believes is needed to regain freedoms.

His party, the People’s Party of Canada, was just formed in 2019 and they are taking the country by storm with candidates running for every federal government position across the country. The national election takes place today — September 20th, 2021. You can learn more about David Freiheit and his campaign at

Justin Trudeau Busted

RenaudBe reports that Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was caught on camera, admitting he spent $600 million to grease the wheels of the news media, even joking about it with his crooked liberal buddies. Trudeau told a news conference, “You don’t get stellar results like these without greasing the wheels.”

Says Renaud Bedard, “This is so criminal. Justin Trudeau should so much be arrested and thrown in jail for life. This is by far the most corrupt prime minister in history.” Here’s a short clip of what transpired.


Round Up The Criminal Leaders

Street fighter Scott McKay is joined by David Nino Rodriguez and Michael Jaco, reacting to the blunderbuss Joe Biden’s latest assault against American and his further desecration of our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

We’d ask who elected this nincompoop but we know the majority of Americans did not. Biden was installed into the White House through election fraud and chicanery, the same as Justin Trudeau in Canada and Scott Morrison in Australia.

It’s time to clean the slate of these phony leaders, and send them to Gitmo — where they belong. We need new leaders who actually represent the will of the majority of people — as opposed to Leftist clowns badgering, downgrading or lying to the people.


Locked, Task Force Eagle

The [Deep State] has lost control of the narrative. People can see their actions now and they are turning on the (Deep State). This is happening in Canada. Soon these people will not be able to walk down the street.The patriots plan is to wake the people up by accelerating their plan so everyone can see their true intentions. This plan is working.

The next phase is to produce the forensic audits to show the [Deep State] cheated in the election and colluded with foreign governments. Once this is established, the government will be incapacitated and there will not be a functioning government.

Since the military is behind the operation, the military has been preparing for devolution. There are many pieces that are now coming together. Locked, Task Force Eagle. More from the X22 Report.


They’re Becoming Desperate

The globalists pushing vaccines are becoming increasingly desperate. Not only are more people resisting the vaccines, but it’s becoming apparent that those taking the vaccines risk death, disease and disfigurement. Will the rulers simply push the unvaccinated aside or will they start to hunt us down to render their bloody jabs? More from Computing Forever.

Bug Ice Cream (Oh No No No)

Did he drop an intentional red pill? Probably not, but let’s sit outside and talk about it and other things like ice cream made from Entomilk (bugs). 🙂 More from Amazing Polly on her More Polly channel.


Clones, Doubles And Trannies

Are the leaders and entertainers we trust in top levels of government and the entertainment world not really who they purport to be? Are we being hoodwinked by clones, doubles and trannies?

Join AMG-News Medeea Greere on a rabbit-hole collection of memes, ideas, photographs and evidence from the corrupt and sinister Illuminati/freemasons, 13 bloodlines and Deep State in their perilous journey to bring about The Great Reset. You will see evidence that will blow your mind and leave questions unanswered. Is Hillary Clinton still with us, or are we witnessing one of her many clones? The same can be asked about Barack Obama, The Royal Family, Bill Gates, Justin Trudeau, Adam Schiff, Madonna, Nancy Pelosi and Mike Pence, among many others. “It’s a journey through reality and speculation,” Greere says. “One that will leave you both questioning reality and existence.” The video is courtesy of El Santuario Celestial, or The Heavenly Sanctuary, and please use your own discretion.

Trudeau Skates Again

Viva Frei’s David Freiheit says we are living through a period of institutionalized and normalized corruption. More specifically, Freiheit is beside himself that Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has just dodged his third serious ethics violation since assuming office. And that doesn’t include sexual misconduct allegations and racial issues.

Which brings us to the latest charge of impropriety in the WE Charity scandal, where the charity received a government contract, without competition, to administer a $900 million student volunteer grant program. So what’s wrong with that, you ask. Well, it so happens that members of Trudeau’s family are on the WE Charity payroll. Here’s more as Freiheit unravels the details in this segment of Viva Frei.

Canada Goes Full Orwell

Canada is turning full Orwellian. Now, residents are being urged to resist by conforming. It’s a not-too-subtle play on words, but those who’ve read Orwell will recognize the irony. However you want to describe it, a shocking tyranny has engulfed the nation of Canada. Will it ever return to normal or has Justin Trudeau destroyed one of the world’s greatest nations? More from World Alternative Media.

On The COVID Soapbox

Whatsherface is back on her COVID-19 pandemic soapbox, this time taking aim at her home country of Canada and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for their Draconian restrictions and lockdowns.

“I think it’s time you peeked outside of your igloo and admit it: you’ve been bamboozled,” she says. She rips Trudeau apart, labeling him a Communist China sympathizer and shames him for the country’s latest stipulations for lifting the lockdown: 75 percent of Canadians will need to receive one dose of the vaccine and should get their second shot by midsummer.

And like sheep, the people follow. “What happened to the people of this country,” says Whatsherface. “We are truly the laughing stock of this world.” Here’s the rest of her rant.

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