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Remember When Fluffy Awoke?

Why the explosion outside the AT&T building in Nashville? Simple. That’s where AT&T had all of its phone routing equipment for calls involving southern states within close proximity to Tennessee. So any irregularities involving phone conversations pertaining to Atlanta and the election night vote counting for Fulton County would be routed through the AT&T servers in Nashville. If you wanted to seize or erase those servers, doesn’t it make sense to detonate an explosive device outside the building, along with verbal orders going out calling for the building to be evacuated?

Who owns that building? It’s Cerberus Global Investments, chaired by Dan Quayle, the 44th vice president of the United States, who served under George W. Bush. This is the same investment firm that owns Dyncorp, a major national security contractor with the federal government, and also owns the parent company of the Dominion Voting Systems, the voting machines that some charge were rigged to deliver the 2020 Presidential election to the crooked Democrat: Joe Biden.

Cerberus, by the way, is a mythological term. That’s the three-headed dog that guarded the gateways and portals into Hell. All you have to remember is the three-headed dog, Fluffy, that tangles with Harry Potter (Daniel Radcliffe), Hermione Granger (Emma Watson) and Ron Weasley (Rupert Grint) in the first Harry Potter movie from 2001: Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s Stone. 

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The Salty Cracker says Nashville has been rattled by the explosion, which is believed to have been intentionally set. The FBI is working with the ATF to investigate the early-morning blast. The story gets weirder as air space is shut down over the site of the explosion.

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