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Three Gifts To America

Political commentator Robert David Steele says he will deliver a memo to the White House later this week that is worth $100 trillion to the public treasury. The memo is one of what Steele calls his three gifts to America, which will also address Satanic pedophilia and his view of an open-source agency in the Trump Administration.

Steele says he was hired by a team of lawyers, who have more than 300 cases across the country that document the $100 trillion in theft through naked short selling and money laundering by Wall Street from main street. “We’re talking about the pensions funds of firefighters, policemen, nurses, teachers and certainly small business,” he says. “This is illicit wealth.” The memo explains that all this money can be confiscated through civil and criminal forfeiture from the individual partners of Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan, Merrill Lynch and others. This allows the President to tell the American people that he will pay off the national debt, have a debt jubilee covering all debts and mortgages on a one-time basis and, most importantly, execute the DOD Labor National Jobs Retraining Program.

Steele’s second gift to the President will be a book titled Pedophilia & Empire: Satan Sodomy and The Deep State Book 2, a five-volume, 2,500-page work, which points to the United Kingdom as the center of all evil. Thirdly, Steele takes on election fraud and his version of an open-source agency for the administration. Here are more details on Robert David Steele #UNRIG.

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