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Denmark Scraps Covid Limits

Taking a bold step forward, Denmark will scrap all Covid restrictions in two weeks and stop classifying it as a critical threat. The country’s health minister said the virus no longer poses a threat to society, though the government will act quickly if Covid returns.

Meanwhile, French doctor and physician Christian Peronne, former vice-president of the European Advisory Group of Experts on Immunization, says all vaccinated people must be quarantined over the winter months or risk serious illness. He added that coronavirus conditions in Israel and the United Kingdom are rapidly deteriorating, not only requiring quarantine, but also isolation. Martin Brodel brings his passionate response, plus also reports on the Afghanistan debacle and why Sen. Mitch McConnel is talking down Biden impeachment threats.


Anne Frank Died Of Covid?

The Everton Football Club, based in Liverpool, England, is taking a hit for its distasteful tweet regarding Evertonians lost in the pandemic.

Among the names of Covid-19 victims in their tweet were Anne Frank, one of the most discussed victims of the Holocaust, and fake names, such as “Faye Knewse” and “Mike Oxsmall” (pronounce both of these as if one word). Though an obvious exercise in buffoonery, you have to wince at the complete lack of compassion and sensitivity by these morons! Here’s more from Holocaust Lies Exposed.

Tunnel Update; Evergiven In UK

Patriot Underground returns with a rousing video, presenting the truth beneath the surface, including a report of a series of tunnels from Maine to  D.C. discovered by truckers and an update on the Netherlands DUMBs from Gene Decode.

Says Patriot Underground, “In the Netherlands, Gene (Decode) has already exposed that this is essentially one massive DUMB and one modern Sodom and Gomorrah, with a massive hive of evil running through the entire underground city.” Decode points out the symbolism throughout the DUMB and the advanced technology. And if that wasn’t sick enough, you have all these truck drivers coming forward and blowing the whistle on underground tunnels stretching from Maine to D.C.

Also included in the Patriot Underground report is an update on the Ever Given cargo ship, which has arrived in the United Kingdom under super-tight security by the Alliance and a piece on Fox News’ refusal to air a Mike Lindell ad on his Cyber Symposium Tuesday through Thursday on The event promises to release damning evidence that the 2020 Presidential election was a sham.

Vaccines, Lockdowns Forever

The United Kingdom’s transport minister didn’t exactly comfort his fellow citizens recently, proclaiming that people will need vaccine passports to travel until the end of time. This comes on the heels of a renowned Swedish professor commenting that people will need five or more vaccines in the near future.

“They’re already telling people they won’t be able to leave or enter Britain without a vaccine,” says Josh Sigurdson of World Alternative Media. He points out that essentially what government is saying, is this will never end and people must submit or lose every basic freedom they have in life. Talk about tyranny, with a huge dose of evil. Sigurdson gives us more details.

Fox Fires Creepy Napolitano

Fox News Network fired Judge Andrew Napolitano after a male producer at the network filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against him. Co-worker John Fawcett, who produces Larry Kudlow’s show on Fox Business News, alleges that Napolitano stroked his arm and made sexually suggestive comments during an encounter in an elevator.

Sourcing the United Kingdom’s Daily Mail, Patrick Walsh of NewsTimeLive says Fox let Napolitano go after the allegations became public and an internal investigation by the network. The encounter was alleged to have occurred in 2019. According to the Daily Mail, Napolitano allegedly told Fawcett, “You see these hands? They look clean, but they get really dirty.” And he followed up by inviting Fawcett to his Manhattan apartment and New Jersey farm.

It was common knowledge at Fox that Napolitano, a legal analyst, sexually harassed young men at the network. In a sidebar, Fawcett also accused Kudlow of using racial slurs. Here’s more of the creepy story from NewsTimeLive.

Military Move Looming

Reacting to a video by a political blogger who says Trump and the military will make their move when mandatory vaccinations are announced, Martin Brodel says he was a bit perplexed.

Brodel reasoned that he can’t remember Trump announcing his plans to the world in advance, so he suspects the move could happen before the government’s announcement or after. “Whenever the military does step in, whenever they bring the hammer down, it will be just like what happened to Soleimani,” Brodel says. He explains further and also reports on the shocking truth that 87 percent of Covid deaths from the China virus in Scotland and the United Kingdom were indeed people who have been vaccinated, Nevada Democrats suing to block an untested drug for criminal executions and NASCAR going full-mask cultist.

Tortured Baby Corpses Surface

Before It’s News’ (BTN) reports that hundreds of tortured baby corpses surfaced in Germany, following catastrophic floods throughout Europe last week. More than 600 corpses washed into homes and rivers, according to eyewitnesses. Reporter Judy Byington says the bodies were believed to have come from an underground tunnel system where children were tortured for their blood and organs, and used in Satanic rituals.

The babies, who were born to teens and preteens in the tunnels, never saw the light of day and were deformed and appeared to have been traumatized, according to Byington. She writes that more bodies of dead children are expected to surface in Belgium, the Czech Republic and The Hague, Netherlands, where more than 1,400 dead children had come to the surface.

Meanwhile in the U.S., more than 50,000 malnourished and deceased children have been rescued from underground tunnels across the nation by the U.S. Military and Marines since July 2019. The count now is in the millions across the globe. The operations were authorized by the Trump Administration and the Pentagon Pedophile Task Force working with military Special Forces teams internationally, including Interpol.

BTN also gives us a bombshell update on the truth behind the Evergreen vessel, which was seized in the Suez Canal earlier this year. The vessel was loaded with 1,356 dead children and another 1,267 who were clinging to life. BTN reports that former CIA operative and Navy Seal David Straight, says there are two other ships suspected of child-tracking in addition to the Evergreen–a cargo shipping container company and HWC. He divulged that the Evergreen is owned by the Clinton Foundation, the cargo containing company is owned by Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband, Paul, and he did not reveal the owner of the HWC.  Here’s more from Before It’s News, courtesy of the Exposing Corruption channel.

Monkey Business

We just brought you the story of the San Francisco Gay Men’s Choir singing about how they are “coming for your children.” Now, just to accentuate how antagonistic and hardcore the LGBT community, Breitbart News introduces another gay man, wearing a Rainbow Monkey suit with a dildo hanging down, while entertaining children at a story hour in the Redbridge Libraries outside London.

Not cool! If this is how the LGBT community “polices” itself, this is a community out of control, and not trustworthy enough to be conducting story hours for kids.  More from The Salty Cracker.


“Rolling Shortages” Of Food

The United Kingdom is now experiencing “rolling brownouts of food supply,” as advisors warn there may be “food riots” in the weeks ahead as food prices escalate to unaffordable levels and shelves are emptied. This is coming soon to the USA and Europe. In the “new normal” of the Great Reset, you will take whatever lab-grown meat is made available to you — or will you start growing your own food now? More from Christian Wetbrook from the Ice Age Farmer.


A Message From ETs?

The first crop circle of 2021 has appeared in the United Kingdom countryside with a special message. A closer look at the circle reveals no mechanical damage to the crops and all plants and flowers are perfectly intact, signaling great news and synchronicity for our planet.

Dr. Horace R. Drew, a Cal Tech PhD who has spent a lifetime studying and decoding crop circles, says the UK creation represents a pinwheel and its design is one in nature that we refer to as an oxyhedron. He postulates that the crop circle is a clock of sorts, heralding the arrival of non-terrestrial star friends into our solar system. “It’s a peaceful message,” says Riss Flex. “It’s not like ETs are trying to eat us alive.” In the following video, Flex brings us more details on the crop circle, including the significance of a rare Mercury Retrograde cycle coinciding with the Gemini Constellation.


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