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Another Deceitful Politician

Not surprisingly, much-maligned 2020 didn’t fade into the annals of history without yet another deceitful politician breaking his own COVID rules. And it certainly hit a raw nerve with Viva Frei’s David Freiheit. “At this point it is beyond hypocritical, it is beyond disrespectful, it is beyond contemptuous,” Freiheit says. “It is super-duper, ultra-mega sociopathic duplicity.” Wow!

You can’t blame Freiheit for erupting. In probably the most scornful behavior of the year, Ontario Finance Minister Rod Phillips posted deceptive social media videos about celebrating Christmas in lockdown while he was on vacation in St Barts (St. Barthelemy Island in the Caribbean). And while he scolded his fellow Canadians from St. Barts, he was simultaneously denying that he was on vacation in the Caribbean. That was enough to send Freiheit over the top. Here’s more of his rant.

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