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Agents Of Disinformation

A hasty tweet by the Southern Poverty Law Center has sent Viva Frei host David Freiheit into a frenzy. The tweet says: “Loaded guns, zip ties, threats, several injuries & five murders. But ask @senronjohnson about the violent Jan. 6 insurrection at the U.S. Capitol and he won’t call it for what it was. #YearInHate #RefuseHate.

FreiheitĀ  was apparently taken aback by the post, proceeded to read the fact check on the tweet from Politifact and was compelled to respond, calling out the Southern Poverty Law Center for spreading misinformation. The law center discreetly retweeted the post, changing “loaded weapons” to “weapons” and “5 murders” to “5 related deaths.” They did this, Freiheit says, without so much as an apology, a correction or a formal retraction. He shot right back with: “Barring an apology and a correction, quietly deleting a tweet and pretending it didn’t happen, just adds further dishonesty to the initial dishonesty.”

Still not pleased by the law center’s second tweet, Freiheit decided to look into the five deaths and came up with some interesting conclusions. Here’s more from Viva Frei.

Judge Thomas’ Masterpiece

Viva Frei’s David Freiheit takes a crack at deciphering the Supreme Court’s decision to deny the petition for certiorari in the Pennsylvania election fraud lawsuit. Simply put, the question of law in this case is whether the Pennsylvania Legislature’s action to modify certain election rules was lawful. In a searing, 10-page dissenting masterpiece, Justice Clarence Thomas admonished his colleagues.

SCOTUS voted 6-3 to deny the petition, explaining there were too few votes to make a difference in the outcome of the election. Thomas argued in his dissent that is a scenario that could be repeated in future elections and the court’s refusal to take the case is inexplicable. Here’s more with Viva Frei.

University Snubs Trump Lawyer

The cancel culture is alive and thriving. A university cancelled a teaching gig at its law school for David Schoen, one of President Trump’s attorneys, because of his involvement in the recent second impeachment trial. Schoen was told that some faculty and students at the university said they would be uncomfortable with him being on campus because of his defense of Trump. In a recent interview with Newsmax, Schoen stopped short of naming the school.

It sends a terrible message to law students. “If someone wants to be a lawyer and they’re going to be uncomfortable with someone being on campus because of their beliefs, find a new thing to do in life,” says Viva Frei’s David Freiheit. “That type of childishness might fly on campus, but it will not fly in the practice of law and it certainly will not fly in the courtroom.” Here’s more on Viva Frei.

Mouthy Maxine’s Insane Drivel

Every once in a while you read a headline that’s so insane, ludicrous and preposterous, you automatically think fake news. Well, it was showtime recently, starring Big Mouth Maxine Waters.

The Congresswoman launched a hyperbolic rant against President Trump, suggesting that he should face charges for premeditated murder on the basis that the speech he gave on Capitol Hill led to the riot and the eventual deaths of two people. For any of you who believe in the absurdity of this claim, Viva Frei’s David Freiheit explains from a legal perspective.

Slow Boil Of Our Civil Rights

Amazingly, we are approaching one year since the invasion of the cruel COVID-19 pandemic. And through those 12 months, we have suffered through shutdowns, stay-at-home restrictions, mask mandates and collapsed economies, not to mention the incursion on our civil rights.

But after courageously sacrificing a few weeks here and more days there for the common good, have matters gotten any better? The answer is a resounding NO. Viva Frei host David Freiheit puts it all in perspective: “Nearly a year later, we have basically been stripped and deprived of a lot of our basic chartered, guaranteed rights. The right to peaceable assembly, the right to freedom of association, freedom of enjoyment of our own property. And the more it goes on, the more the violations.”

What it all amounts to is a slow boil of our civil rights. When will it all end? Here’s more of Freiheit’s pertinent message.

Arrested For A Meme

As if we haven’t had enough chaos on social media, news is surfacing that an “influencer” on Twitter has been arrested for a meme he created in the U.S. So are these charges bogus under the protection of the 1st Amendment or did he cross the line?

Douglas Massey, aka Douglas Mackey and Ricky Vaughn, has officially been arrested for memes he prepared in the context of the 2016 Presidential election on the basis that they interfered with the election process. Twitter subsequently suspended Mackey’s account, which had 58,000 followers, in addition to two more that he attempted create under different aliases. The complaint and affidavit in support of an arrest warrant only took issue with the memes where Massey was telling people to vote by text on social media on unlawful and invalid manners that would disenfranchise people of the right to vote if they would have voted that way.

Says Viva Frei’s David Freiheit, “The case really does highlight the distinction between free speech and protected speech. I’m an unapologetic believer in freedom of speech, but I do draw the line at certain types of speech, such as targeted harassment, death threats, doxing, etc.” Here’s more from Freitheit as he analyzes the complaint, with some help from colleague Nate the Lawyer.

Twitter In Huge Trouble

A British Columbia judge ruled that a defamation lawsuit filed against Twitter by Canadian businessman and founder of Lions Entertainment, Frank Giustra, can indeed proceed in the province.

Viva Frei’s David Freiheit says the decision is purely procedural because it relates only to the jurisdiction. There is no determination on the merits or final judgment, but the implications for Twitter is huge, because it now allows for the social media giant to be sued for defamation outside the United States. Says Freiheit, “It’s not a lawsuit based on defamation, blaming the defendant of having uttered the defamatory words, it’s a lawsuit against Twitter for having hosted the defamatory words.”

Giustra, a Clinton family confidant and board member of the Clinton Foundation, claims he was defamed when 2016 tweets accused him of involvement in the Pizzagate sex-trafficking scandal. Twitter filed a motion in 2019, asking the B.C. court to dismiss the lawsuit or favor moving the jurisdiction to California, where Twitter is located. Here’s the rundown on Viva Frei.

Another Deceitful Politician

Not surprisingly, much-maligned 2020 didn’t fade into the annals of history without yet another deceitful politician breaking his own COVID rules. And it certainly hit a raw nerve with Viva Frei’s David Freiheit. “At this point it is beyond hypocritical, it is beyond disrespectful, it is beyond contemptuous,” Freiheit says. “It is super-duper, ultra-mega sociopathic duplicity.” Wow!

You can’t blame Freiheit for erupting. In probably the most scornful behavior of the year, Ontario Finance Minister Rod Phillips posted deceptive social media videos about celebrating Christmas in lockdown while he was on vacation in St Barts (St. Barthelemy Island in the Caribbean). And while he scolded his fellow Canadians from St. Barts, he was simultaneously denying that he was on vacation in the Caribbean. That was enough to send Freiheit over the top. Here’s more of his rant.

Weird Law

Former Canadian litigator-turned-YouTuber David Freiheit has come across some weird lawsuits in his long career, but the case of parents versus their porn-collecting son in Michigan might take the cake.

As it turns out, the son actually prevailed in court, after the judge ruled against his mom for tossing his porno mags and sex toys. What the decision came down to, says Freiheit, was Michigan’s principle of law regarding conversion of property.

It was a court decision that is absurd, but highlights that behind most lawsuits among family are deeper family issues. Here’s more with Viva Frei.

Reps Seek To Impeach Whitmer

In a stunning turn of events, three Republican state representatives in the Michigan Legislature have filed Articles of Impeachment against Gov. Gretchen Whitmer. At issue are recent judgements out of Michigan, declaring Gov. Whitmer’s sweeping executive orders concerning COVID-19 pandemic emergency orders unconstitutional.

The orders were declared unconstitutional for two reasons, the first is that they exceeded the timeframe for the Emergency Measures Act of Michigan, that being 30 days. Secondly, they were declared unconstitutional in virtue of the fact that the Emergency Powers Act, in virtue of which the orders were issued, was itself declared to be unconstitutional, because it granted powers to the executive that were reserved for the Legislature.

The case more than likely won’t go anywhere, but here’s the entire breakdown from Viva Frei.

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