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Maxwell Vs. Annie Farmer

Ghislaine Maxwell’s legal team has officially upped the stakes with its hardball tactics in court, but her alleged victims aren’t backing down. One of Maxwell’s strategies to increase her plea bargaining power, is to silence her potential witnesses by getting them disqualified for accepting money from the Jeffrey Epstein Victims Compensation Fund. “This is absolutely diabolical,” says investigative vlogger Shaun Attwood.

Team Maxwell’s focus is on the Farmer sisters–Annie and Maria–who alleged they were continuously abused by Maxwell and Epstein. In his latest salvo, Maxwell’s attorney turned his despicable sights on Annie Farmer, calling her a money-grabber. He says that accepting a settlement from Epstein’s compensation fund indicated that she had a financial motivation to make false assertions. “They had to fight for this for decades,” Attwood says, “and now it’s being used against them by the evil lawyers.”

But Annie Farmer, who alleges she was sexually assaulted at age 16 by Maxwell at the Zorro Ranch in New Mexico, is steadfastly moving forward in hopes of seeing through the wheels of justice. Here’s more with Attwood.

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