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Vatican Behind Italian Treason

The Vatican, working with Communist China and using $400 million in seed money provided by former President Barack Obama, has been behind the widespread election fraud we have begun to see across the United States, most recently, in the runoff Georgia Senate races. Under no circumstances should we accept races where such flagrant cheating and vote tampering takes place. It’s time to bring treason charges  against anyone involved in this hideous scheme, and that includes the vile Barack Obama.

Here, Simon Parkes lays out the details of the so-called Leonardo scheme, named after the Italian defense satellite system run by Finmeccanica. Parkes calls upon President Donald Trump to declare martial law and take steps to apprehend the guilty and re-establish fair and honest elections across the United States.

Here is a second report from CamelotDaily, focusing on how Barack Obama paid up to $400 million to Italian weapons contractor Leonardo to manipulate and steal the 2020 Presidential election. If it can be proven Barack Obama made this payment, why shouldn’t he be tried for treason?

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One thought on “Vatican Behind Italian Treason

  1. victim x4 (nobody takes me seriousl) on said:

    dont forget some of the oldest manned or wo-manned human based satellites are soviet era…waaaaayyy back… same with human nuke systems. Also, understand human experimentation by the nazis became the norm and continues in the us and around the world today.

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