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Trump Fans Go Mega-MAGA

The corrupt political class in Washington DC took a back seat Wednesday as an estimated one million fans of President Donald Trump arrived to stage a mega-MAGA protest against the 2020 stolen election. Says Mr. Obvious, “Trump supporters have STORMED the Capitol Building, BATMAN is on the scene, Mike Pence deploys the National Guard, Washington DC is in absolute CHAOS.”

Some of this rally involved Trump supporters, while there were definitely false-flag breakout groups, possibly Antifa in origin or Deep State federal agents. It will take some time to sort through the footage and figure out the different factions. Here’s one group, storming the U.S. Capitol, that appears wholly staged, and most likely, phony.

Dustin Nemos provides photographic evidence showing the so-called Trump supporters storming the U.S. Capitol were actually Antifa terrorists from Philadelphia. Also covered: One woman shot, and more cheating in the Georgia elections. The U.S. Congress betrays the people. Can’t say we’re shocked. How long has it been since they served the people?


(EDITOR’S NOTE: Paul Sperry, former Washington Bureau Chief for Investor’s Business Daily, also has confirmed the major splinter group of “Trump supporters” leading the charge into the U.S. Capitol was not at all composed of Trump supporters, but rather Antifa members in disguise. Sperry Tweeted this out after speaking with a retired FBI agent who was on the scene.)

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