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Ol’ Jeffrey Is Still Alive

Lin Wood lit up the Jeffrey Epstein sex-trafficking case like you can’t imagine, proclaiming last week in a series of tweets that the presumed dead billionaire is still alive! He went a step farther in a subsequent interview with Clay Clark on his Thrivetime Show, “Fireside Chat,” saying he has positive proof that Epstein is still alive and knows his location.

Clark fired off a direct question in one of his first questions in the interview: “How do you know that Epstein is alive.” Wood responded that he has three reliable sources confirming that it’s true and says he has obtained documentary evidence of Epstein’s air travel following his alleged death, which also includes financial transactions in his bank account. “They all add up to one thing: Ol’ Jeffrey is still alive,” Wood says. He also told Clark he has information of Epstein’s whereabouts, but he can’t discuss it because he’s not privy to what authorities are doing on the case.

Investigative blogger Shaun Attwood obtained the interview and streams a portion of the audio in the following video–adding his own commentary–which also includes some stunning information in the Isaac Kappy mystery and the prospect of Dominion Voting Systems’ proposed lawsuits in the voter-fraud chaos.

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