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Manipulated By Hamas

Big media names fawned over British comic John Oliver’s segment this week about the Middle East conflict, when he sided with Palestine and the terrorist organization Hamas because they were at a military disadvantage against Israel.

Not so fast, says Dennis Prager. “Here’s the problem: He’s wrong. Too many people don’t realize they have been manipulated by Hamas propaganda.” Prager presents his case on the issue in this week’s “Fireside Chat” on PragerU.

Dissecting The Chauvin Trial

With the Derek Chauvin trial now behind us, pending appeal, whatever happened to the charges of racism? The race card, as you might remember, was front and center from the day of the crime right up to the trial, but both the prosecution and defense were mum on the R word. What gives?

Dennis Prager asks, “Isn’t that the entire reason this country has been fixated on this issue? So, maybe the whole thing was a lie.” After all, the death of George Floyd last May set off nonstop riots and lootings the rest of 2020 in protest of police racism. So why wasn’t it mentioned in the trial? Because it didn’t exist.

In the following Fireside Chat, Prager discusses the future of policing in America, whether the verdict was correct and the power of the media in this episode of PragerU.

Ol’ Jeffrey Is Still Alive

Lin Wood lit up the Jeffrey Epstein sex-trafficking case like you can’t imagine, proclaiming last week in a series of tweets that the presumed dead billionaire is still alive! He went a step farther in a subsequent interview with Clay Clark on his Thrivetime Show, “Fireside Chat,” saying he has positive proof that Epstein is still alive and knows his location.

Clark fired off a direct question in one of his first questions in the interview: “How do you know that Epstein is alive.” Wood responded that he has three reliable sources confirming that it’s true and says he has obtained documentary evidence of Epstein’s air travel following his alleged death, which also includes financial transactions in his bank account. “They all add up to one thing: Ol’ Jeffrey is still alive,” Wood says. He also told Clark he has information of Epstein’s whereabouts, but he can’t discuss it because he’s not privy to what authorities are doing on the case.

Investigative blogger Shaun Attwood obtained the interview and streams a portion of the audio in the following video–adding his own commentary–which also includes some stunning information in the Isaac Kappy mystery and the prospect of Dominion Voting Systems’ proposed lawsuits in the voter-fraud chaos.

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Tackling Stereotypes, Inclusivity

Dennis Prager discusses the barrage of propaganda that has substituted for real learning in public schools today, including lies about stereotypes, such as “all white people are racist,” or “there is no gender.”

It turns out, kids are being lied to about stereotypes being wrong. But what if they are true. Prager says the truth is not a left-wing value, but a conservative one as well, which circles back to the question: What if the stereotype is accurate? Prager explores this conundrum in his weekly “Fireside Chat” and discusses inclusivity, one of the false gods of our time.

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