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CNN Loses Airport Monopoly

Hallelujah! There most definitely is a God up on high! How do we know? Because wretched, lying CNN has lost its monopoly to provide news service for commercial airports. No longer will we be relegated to watching Don Lemon, Chris Cuomo or the rest of the Leftist numbskulls who make up the news anchors on CNN. What’s even better: The inept news channel lost the long-term contract through its own chicanery and mismanagement. Steve Turley has more.

CNN isn’t the only television news network that’s tanking like a lead balloon. Fox News has seen its ratings drop 40 to 50 percent since the 2020 presidential campaign when snide, cavalier Fox news personnel sniped at President Trump and even sometimes blatantly threw their weight behind the corrupt charlatan Joe Biden. Now, Fox is announcing that it is moving Martha MacCallum’s poorly rated evening show to a new time slot, 3 p.m. weekday afternoons. A new conservative talk and opinion show, Fox News Primetime, will occupy the evening slot. More from Next News Network.

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