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Bombshell Evidence In Arizona!

Gary Franchi reports that former Arizona Republican gubernatorial candidate, Kari Lake, is sending shockwaves across the political spectrum, publishing more evidence of fraudulent ballots and misread votes from tabulators in the 2022 midterm election.

Franchi says Lake’s team revealed that 40,000 ballots were illegally counted and almost a quarter of a million ballots were misread by 446 tabulators at precincts in Maricopa County. The team said Arizona voters deserve justice and demanded Lake should immediately be installed as Arizona’s governor. Here’s more from Next News Network.

Maxine’s Shady Campaign Cash

Next News Network’s Gary Franchi reports that over the last decade, California Democrat Rep. Maxine Waters has paid her daughters more than $1.2 million and it’s all legal.

After many prominent Democrats have been called out for putting family members on their campaign payroll, Republicans are looking to ban the practice. Texas Rep. Pat Fallon has introduced legislation to prevent campaign funds from going to a candidate’s immediate family. Fallon called the bill “a critical act in reducing nepotistic acts in political campaigns.” Here’s Franchi with more.


Jordan Defends House Chaos

Congressman Jim Jordan says the chaos inside the House of Representatives that reached a fever pitch last week was exactly how the Founding Fathers intended it. “They wanted real debate, real input from all people,” he says.

Jordan says that despite the mayhem, the Republican Party will come together to deal with how radical the Left has made the Democrat Party. Here’s more from Next News Network.

Fed Employees Pay-Raise Crisis

Next News Network’s Gary Franchi reports that despite rocketing inflation and a collapsing economy, Joe Biden granted federal employees a whopping pay raise of 4.6 percent on average via executive order, a move he was not authorized to do.

Biden says his plan is needed to offset recruitment and retention challenges. But if the new Congress enacts a different pay raise for 2023, that would take precedent over Biden’s plan. Here’s more.

Washington Post On The Ropes

Americans are waking up to fake news in huge numbers, thanks to President Trump’s assault on the corrupt mainstream media, and one of the country’s largest outlets is feeling the pain.

Next News Network’s Rich Crenshaw reports that the left-leaning Washington Post has lost half a million readers in just the last two years, according to an article in American Outlook.. It’s a devastating blow to The Post‘s bottom line, who said the company does not expect to make a profit this year.


Biden’s Secret Saudi Deal

President Joe Biden made a secret Saudi oil deal to try to influence the outcome of the 2022 midterm elections. Now, Republicans are exposing the deal and crying foul.

Will they actually investigate the corruption or are too many of them implicated to do anything anyway? Will we see a genuine probe or just more uniparty mumbo-jumbo? Time will tell. More from the Next News Network.

Ivanka Says No More Politics

There was no conspiratorial reason for Ivanka Trump’s absence at her father’s presidential announcement. In a somewhat stunning reveal, she told The Daily Wire that she is through with politics!

Next News’ Network’s Gary Franchi also cited the body of vicious attacks leveled at Ivanka and the entire Trump family since the 2016 election, most of it coming from the rotten, corrupt mainstream media. Here’s more, including Franchi’s final thought.

J.D. Vance: Trump Not To Blame

U.S. Senator-elect J.D. Vance is setting the record straight on blame for the GOP’s lackluster performance in last week’s midterm elections.

Vance, who will be sworn in as the junior senator from Ohio, told The Daily Caller that structural problems in the voting process were to blame for the dismal showing, not President Trump, as the mainstream media and Rinos suggest. He explains in this episode of Next News Network.

Trump Ready To Run Again

One week after the midterms, former President Donald Trump announced he will seek the top White House prize again in 2024. Trump made his announcement at his Mar-A-Lago Resort in Florida before a boisterous audience of supporters. He blasted the Biden administration for its gross neglect of the economy, unleashing the worst inflationary rates in 50 years, leading to rapidly rising food and gasoline prices.

Already, speculation is turning toward who Trump will tap as vice president. He will not be running again with Mike Pence, and we can all be grateful he is dumping that chump.

Instead, he is said to be focusing on naming a woman as his running mate. Among the possible contenders being mentioned: South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem, U.S. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene from Georgia, Arizona gubernatorial hopeful Kari Lake and U.S. Rep. Liz Stefanik of New York. Here’s more from the Next News Network.

QB Rodgers Rips Gov. Newsom

Appearing on Bill Maher’s “Club Random” podcast, Green Bay Packers’ quarterback Aaron Rodger dropped a truth bomb on California Gov. Gavin Newsom.

Sourcing the New York Post, Next News Network (NNN) reports Rodgers voiced his displeasure with Newsom’s leadership skills, claiming his policies have been the death knell for many California small businesses. More details from NNN host Aldo Buttazzoni.

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