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North Korea’s EMP Threat

Gary Franchi delves into the alarming reality of North Korea’s potential Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) attack on the United States.

Amidst international tensions, North Korea’s advancements in EMP technology pose a significant threat to America’s national security, particularly the electric grid that powers our nation.

Discover how Pyongyang’s actions could impact the U.S., why current defenses might be insufficient and what steps must be taken to safeguard the nation against this existential threat. More from Next News Network.

White House Mystery Operation

Next News Network’s Gary Franchi reports on a massive police exercise at the White House in the dead of night that is setting off alarm bells across the country.

Franchi asks why would the Capitol Police choose the dead of night for such an exercise, and what does it mean for the safety and security of our nation? He says this isn’t just another training drill, but a story of power, politics and the thin line between security and overreach.

Franchi uncovers the layers of the mysterious operation, questions its timing and all the reactions from the public and political figures alike.

Tucker Carlson: End Of Times

Next News Network’s Gary Franchi dives deep into Tucker Carlson’s recent remarks, hinting at end-of-times sentiment among Americans.

With the looming 2024 election, the nation may be at a crossroads. Franchi dissects Carlson’s warning and its implications on America’s Republic.

Trump Vows Travel Ban

President Trump stands unwavering against threats to American safety, promising the reinstatement of his travel ban, a potent barricade against terror-afflicted countries.

Making the announcement amid the violence in Israel, Trump vowed that should he return to the White House, he would bring back his 2017 ban, an executive order that strategically halted most legal immigration from nations like Iran, Libya, Syria and others, in a bid to staunch the infiltration of radical terrorists onto American soil.

Next News Network’s Gary Franchi explains further.

Trump Golf Course Robbed!

The Trump National Doral Miami, a luxurious golf resort owned by former President Donald J. Trump, was brazenly robbed twice in one day!

Next News Network reports that thieves targeted the property in broad daylight, escaping with a sizable haul of 30 generators. They returned later that night and made away with 30-plus more generators. The loss for Doral was in the tens of thousands of dollars. Here’s more with Gary Franchi.

Evidence: Seal Team 6 Executed

A bombshell tweet from CIA whistleblower Allen Harrow Parrot drops hard evidence implicating Joe Biden, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and John Brennan in the execution and subsequent cover-up of Seal Team 6.

Next News Network’s Gary Franchi reports there is audio, video and documentary proof attached to the tweet, which implicates the Obama Administration of sending Iran $152 billion to cover-up the execution. Christian conservative Anna Khait, who was present when the evidence was presented firsthand to a government person of influence, joins Franchi with more details. Please use discernment when viewing the video.

Anti-Trump Plot Exposed

Seasoned commentator Bill O’Reilly sent shockwaves through political circles, revealing the Left’s sinister anti-Trump plot.

While the GOP candidates sparred on stage in the second primary debate, O’Reilly joined Tucker Carlson for a one-on-one interview regarding the transgressions of the Left in their effort to smear President Trump. Here’s more with Next News Network’s Gary Franchi.

Trump Vows Retribution

President Donald J. Trump has made it crystal clear that he’s had enough! Trump sent reverberations throughout the country over the weekend, firing salvos at NBC News and MSNBC on Truth Social.

The charge? Trump alleges they’re committing what could be described as “country-threatening treason.”  Next News Network’s Gary Franchi says it’s a claim that shakes the very pillars of our free press, making us question where’s the line between freedom and treachery? Here’s more.

Dems Dump Joe For Michelle?

Gary Franchi reports that Sen. Ted Cruz, in a jaw-dropping assertion that sets the stage for the 2024 Presidential election, has left the political world thunderstruck.

Cruz predicts there’s a strong possibility that the Democrat Party is pondering whether to replace Joe Biden with Michelle Obama as their torch-bearer. Here’s are the juicy details from Next News Network.

Putin’s Trump Truthbomb

Gary Franchi says the global community is eyeing America’s political turmoil, including Vladmir Putin’s jarring critique of a deteriorating U.S. democracy.

Not one to hold back, Putin called the Democrat Party’s attacks on Donald J. Trump a vendetta. “Everything that’s happening to Trump is persecution for the political motives of his politics,” Putin said. “It exposes the rot of the American political system.”  More from Next News Network and Franchi.

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