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Greatest Hypocrisy Of Our Time

Her name was Ashli Babbitt, a decorated Air Force veteran who was murdered by the Deep State during the siege on Capitol Hill. Although she was unarmed and posed no reasonable threat to Capitol police, there has been no public outcry over her death. Instead, the scurrilous mainstream media has dragged her name through the mud.

Compare this to the death of career-criminal and drug addict George Floyd in Minnesota last summer, who was hailed a courageous martyr and whose demise brought about a massive outcry of rioting, looting and outright mayhem throughout the country. Says video blogger Mark Collett, “Ashli Babbitt was not only a victim, but her treatment at the hands of the media, social media companies and the establishment politicians, exposes the greatest hypocrisy of our time.” Here’s more insight from Collett.

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