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57% Don’t Trust Ballot System

With a new poll showing 57% of likely voters don’t trust that election results reflect the actual votes, how can we re-establish trust in the ballot system? What would prove to you that an election is fair and accurate? The Right Angle team of Stephen Green, Bill Whittle and Scott Ott debate the issue.

Narcissism And Social Media

Dr. Jordan B. Peterson and Dr. Jean Twenge discuss the often volatile and unhealthy world of internet anonymity, trolling, trait neuroticism and the effect of technology on our less independent, more narcissistic young adults, now referred to as the “iGen,” or “Internet Generation. Here’s their report.

The Dems’ Worst Nightmare

The shift to the right is so obvious that talk of any sort of blue wave is disintegrating fast. Liberal Hivemind says even leftist anons on social media have been silenced, a key indication that the corrupt Democrat Party is in for a walloping.

Perhaps the key indicator of the left’s demise, Liberal Hivemind says, are what the voters are telling us, especially those in focus groups whose insight gives you a strong idea of what’s coming on election day. He explains further, plus takes a look at some key Congressional races.

Facebook’s Meteoric Collapse!

In what he calls a “win for humanity,” World Alternative Media’s Josh Sigurdson reports that Meta/Facebook stock is in a massive free fall, registering the single greatest wealth loss in history–$100 billion!

The loss even brought CNBC’s stock analyst Jim Cramer to tears on live TV, apologizing for recommending Meta to his viewers. Here more with Sigurdson.

#Unvaccinated Viral On Twitter

In a somewhat surprising and unexpected trend, #unvaccinated is going viral on Twitter, right alongside #Pizzagate! Josh Sigurdson reports that millions of people are waking up to the lies we were fed throughout 2020-2022 and the narrative is shifting. Here’s more.

Twitter In Bed With CCP

Twitter is taking money from the Chinese Communist Party and it’s putting users of the social media company at risk. In this episode of China Uncensored, Chris Chappell sources an enraging report from Reuters, breaking down how China became big business for Twitter, even though it is banned in the country.

Exposing Britain’s Racial Divide

In the wake of her death, Queen Elizabeth was attacked as a colonizer by many people of color on social media.

Mark Collett reports this is rather ironic, when you study her legacy. The colonization she presided over was not the aggressive expansion of the British Empire, but instead she oversaw the control of Britain by an ever-growing migrant community. Here’s Collett’s report.

Busting Censorship

In this episode, Dinesh D’Souza celebrates the Fifth Circuit Appeals Court decision affirming a Texas law that strikes down censorship by social media platforms.

He also delves into how Facebook has been spying on conservative users and turning over their information to the FBI and welcomes Marine Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller to the podcast to discuss his book, Crisis of Command, which details what happened to him when he criticized the U.S. failure in Afghanistan.

Exterminating Humanity

Natural News’ Mike Adams reports that globalists have openly admitted their plans to exterminate humanity. He says those who run the world have realized that people are no longer needed in light of AI technology and their strategy has switched to getting rid of them. Here’s his report.

Delete Your Social Media

Even the Big Techers admit it:  Social media is ripping apart the fabric of our society. So the solution is simple, right? Delete your social media! Or is it not that simple? Join James Corbett on today’s edition of #SolutionsWatch as he explores the solutions to the Media Matrix problem. More from The Corbett Report.

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