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Dissing The Constitution

Yet another institution of higher learning from the Ivy League–America’s bastion of liberalism–is rearing its progressive head. This week’s target is the U.S. Constitution, which guarantees citizens their basic rights and freedoms, yet many Yale University students think it’s a great idea to completely repeal it.

In this digital short from PragerU, Ami Horowitz headed to Yale with a fake petition, asking students if they would favor repealing the Constitution in its entirety. The response was shocking, with students calling the Constitution racist, containing no real freedoms and written by white supremacists. Says Horowitz, “Sixty-five percent of everyone I spoke with signed my petition to get rid of the Constitution of the United States of America.” Meanwhile, a woman close by spent the entire day attempting to register students to vote. She did not register one single person. Here’s more with Horowitz on PragerU.

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