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Future Proving The Past!

Are we in the 10 days of darkness? Remorse is building among Democrats who voted for Joe Biden: They are seeing just how vile and destructive his positions truly were. Jobs are being killed off willy-nilly by a group of politicians who don’t represent the people in the slightest way. Will President Donald Trump rise up from the ashes? Is there a way he can overturn the evil blasphemers who have seized control in Washington DC? More from And We Know.

The [Deep State]/Mainstream Media are now pushing forward with the impeachment. They did not get the votes for the conviction. Trump sent some messages and Flynn is confirming that there is a plan in place. Trump was given the decision on timing and he made the decision during the rally. Buckle up because we are about to see fireworks. More from the X22 Report.

Today we explore some interesting connections. The post-White House Trump plan and some MAGA stuff. Freedom Day is coming! But first, we have some tragedy to endure. More from RedPill78.

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