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The Most Wokest Super Bowl

Tampa Bay quarterback Tom Brady went about his business as the “greatest of all time,” earning an astonishing seventh Super Bowl ring, but this just wasn’t enough for ultra-woke, looney Left. Instead of celebrating the herculean feat, liberals were beside themselves, stunned at why a white quarterback would do such a thing during Black History Month. In fact, the Twittersphere lit up like the Fourth of July, calling Brady a racist for outplaying a black quarterback.

Sound insane? There’s more. Prior to kickoff, we were treated to two National Anthems: one for black folks and one for white Americans. So what is the protocol here? Kneel, right hand over your heart, salute? After all, it’s Black History month. Then came the clincher: fake President Joe Biden and the First Lady delivered a message to the world via the stadium Jumbotron from who knows where. They urged Americans to wear masks and get vaccinated, while 25,000 fans allowed into the game were seated side-by-side, most of them maskless. And were those boos we heard? Probably. It wouldn’t be far-fetched to imagine that the odds of Sleepy Joe falling asleep during the address drew heavy support at gambling halls.

Says Salty Cracker, “They tried to jam this thing up with as much hyper-divisive politics as the could. How about just having one National  Anthem for Americans and just start identifying as Americans.” Here’s more from Salty Cracker.

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