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The Science Fakers And Poseurs

Those sold out to an Agenda, who bear the Mark of the Beast system claiming to know it all while Posturing from their Perch of Superiority, make God sick. He wants to puke them out of his mouth. . .I can relate.

First 37 min. going over to how I relate to all you Great Guardians of Children and Warriors are seeing out there. Censorship. Hate. Hypocrisy. Attempts to silence those tasked with sending the normies messages of Truth as they choose to stick their heads in the sand and be Hostile to the messenger due to the Reality of the Message. How we are watching all the Bible foretold play out directly in real time on the construct.
How to tell the Mark they Bear and the Fake out there claiming a God Mark, but demonstrating the Mark of the Beast.

Thank you to Patrick Delaney for noting the times for the Quantum Computing introduction into cubits vs Qubits. The “Quantum Physics” part starts around 38 minutes, with just a bit more “Cubit” (Not Q-Bit, or Quantum Bit) background just prior to that. The more “Technical” part start around 50 minutes to 1 hour mark.

When is Science going to catch up to God? It’s NOT the other way around as God’s ways are Not man’s ways and God orchestrates on an Exponential Level. ..Quantum! More from TestingtheNarrative.

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