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Fauci Paid For Seminars

Breaking on Friday, Freedom Force Battalion’s Melissa Redpill reports that Dr. Anthony Fauci paid for gain-of-function training seminars for the Wuhan coronavirus at the University of Texas-Galveston. She says it’s difficult to fathom our tax dollars paying for such nonsense.

She also takes an in-depth look at the dangers of the coronavirus vaccines and how Big Pharma is profiting wildly off the jabs, the election corruption in Fulton County, Georgia, a World Health Organization official who might receive the death penalty in India, and ponders whether the COVID shots are truly the mark of the beast.

Facing The [Deep State] Beast

The [Deep State] is losing everything. Why? Because the people are no longer accepting their false narrative. The [Deep State] pushed the Great Reset so quickly that they exposed the machinations of their backers among the Central Banks. People could see how these government bureaucrats aimed to use the Green New Deal to shut down our economies, and ruin our productivity, forcing all of us to suffer their more diminished and controlled lives. Harley Schlanger from the La Rouche Organization outlines what’s afoot in an X22 Report Spotlight.

A consuming fire is raging! It’s going to be a long, hot summer.

We are facing a [Deep State] beast. It might not even be one Deep State, but an interlocking series of two or three of them.

Will Trump be back? How many villains like Anthony Fauci will be exposed? Hang on tight! And pray! More from And We Know.


We close with today’s X22 Report. The synopsis: The [Deep State] is now panicking. The patriots are moving forward with the audits and it is spreading to other states. Hunter’s laptop points to [Joe Biden]. Fauci is on the hot seat. The protest on Jan 6 is falling apart as more videos emerge. Trump explains the only way forward. The election fraud must be revealed.


People Approaching Precipice

The [Deep State] is losing the narrative. The people are approaching the precipice. People in the swing states are blaming [JB] for the border crisis. Laws were changed in these states. Rasmussen reports that 51% of the people believe that [JB] cheated in the election, 75% want the 2nd Amendment. The people are starting to flex their muscle, once the people reach the precipice, laws changed, then you expose the fraud. More from the X22 Report.

Researcher, lecturer and author Marty Leeds returns to SGT Report to expose the evil and the rulers of the darkness with TRUTH.

Mark Of The Beast

Josh from Founded Earth Brothers returns to SGT Report to expose the Satanic plans of the evil ones who seek to enslave humanity.

The Science Fakers And Poseurs

Those sold out to an Agenda, who bear the Mark of the Beast system claiming to know it all while Posturing from their Perch of Superiority, make God sick. He wants to puke them out of his mouth. . .I can relate.

First 37 min. going over to how I relate to all you Great Guardians of Children and Warriors are seeing out there. Censorship. Hate. Hypocrisy. Attempts to silence those tasked with sending the normies messages of Truth as they choose to stick their heads in the sand and be Hostile to the messenger due to the Reality of the Message. How we are watching all the Bible foretold play out directly in real time on the construct.
How to tell the Mark they Bear and the Fake out there claiming a God Mark, but demonstrating the Mark of the Beast.

Thank you to Patrick Delaney for noting the times for the Quantum Computing introduction into cubits vs Qubits. The “Quantum Physics” part starts around 38 minutes, with just a bit more “Cubit” (Not Q-Bit, or Quantum Bit) background just prior to that. The more “Technical” part start around 50 minutes to 1 hour mark.

When is Science going to catch up to God? It’s NOT the other way around as God’s ways are Not man’s ways and God orchestrates on an Exponential Level. ..Quantum! More from TestingtheNarrative.

CNN, NBC Staged Capitol Riot?

In a surprising leaked video, Mark Zuckerberg was caught on camera discussing the DNA altering effects of the new Covid vaccines, Rush Limbaugh has passed away, Mitch McConnell’s deep Chinese ties are revealed and CNN and NBC each paid John Sullivan. the Utah Antifa insurgent. $35k, far more than anything a normal reporter would make. How deeply are they involved? More from RedPill78.

The patriots are in complete control. Trump used the pandemic as cover to put everything in place. He knew once the truth starts to come out the [Deep State] will react. Optics are important. He has now delegated control to the military. The military and No Such Agency (National Security Agency) are the key. They have the information. POTUS and the people are the stone. More from the X22 Report.

RIP Rush Limbaugh. Trump punks dodgy Mitch McConnell.  Biden hosts a Town Hall. Zuckerberg goes anti-Vax. More from Jordan Sather in a new episode of Accordin’ To Jordan.

Pastor Caspar McCloud returns to SGT Report to discuss the mark of the beast vaccine and the end which for many, will come like a thief in the night.


The Mark Of the Beast

Is what you think you know about the mark of the beast valid? Bob Schlenker and Aaron Hermann present the remarkable text of Revelation 13 in a way you probably never considered before. More from The Open Scroll.

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The Mark Of The Beast

Bob and Aaron on The Open Scroll talk about signs of the approaching system of the Beast and the Mark. These include:

  • “Out of Shadows” a documentary
  • Patent 060606 and “body activity data” – acronym B.A.D.
  • The continuing role of Microsoft and Bill and Melinda Gates
  • Responses to media bias and conflicts of interest
  • Dealing with conflicting info, cognitive dissonance, and confusion
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We are done being reasonable with the Enemy. Timothy Charles Holmseth receives a call from Ruth in Ireland. Her message: It’s not only a time to pray, but a time to fight the Beast.

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Here’s a look at Tom Hanks and his backstory as a pedophile. Some believe he has been apprehended and taken to GITMO. A few believe he has already been executed — in Australia — for his crimes against children. We’re not sure, but we believe it’s time that people take a stand against pedophiles, no matter how rich and famous they are, whether they are big-time actors or British royalty. More from the Weekend Warrior.

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We close with a review of the progress that’s occurred in the fight against pedophilia since President Donald Trump took office. Some say nothing has happened. If nothing has happened, then what were the arrests and prosecutions of Harvey Weinstein, Anthony Weiner, Mark Salley and Will Hayden? How about the end of Jeffrey Epstein’s vast pedophile network? If nothing’s happening, why have 11 Democratic mayors been taken out of commission on pedophile charges? More from Hev123Truthseeker.

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