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Call The KKK Police

A Black Lives Matter leader who wanted the cops abolished has now been shot in the head. The incident happened in London, where guns are more rare than in the United States. The questions arise: Will this BLM leader renounce her former position calling for the abolition of police? Will she even be able to renounce it or will she die? More from The Salty Cracker.

In a followup video, The Salty Cracker tunnels down on the shooting. Apparently, Sasha Johnson was not an intended target, but merely got caught in the crossfire as two rival gangs converged on each other. Is anyone surprised?

The Science Fakers And Poseurs

Those sold out to an Agenda, who bear the Mark of the Beast system claiming to know it all while Posturing from their Perch of Superiority, make God sick. He wants to puke them out of his mouth. . .I can relate.

First 37 min. going over to how I relate to all you Great Guardians of Children and Warriors are seeing out there. Censorship. Hate. Hypocrisy. Attempts to silence those tasked with sending the normies messages of Truth as they choose to stick their heads in the sand and be Hostile to the messenger due to the Reality of the Message. How we are watching all the Bible foretold play out directly in real time on the construct.
How to tell the Mark they Bear and the Fake out there claiming a God Mark, but demonstrating the Mark of the Beast.

Thank you to Patrick Delaney for noting the times for the Quantum Computing introduction into cubits vs Qubits. The “Quantum Physics” part starts around 38 minutes, with just a bit more “Cubit” (Not Q-Bit, or Quantum Bit) background just prior to that. The more “Technical” part start around 50 minutes to 1 hour mark.

When is Science going to catch up to God? It’s NOT the other way around as God’s ways are Not man’s ways and God orchestrates on an Exponential Level. ..Quantum! More from TestingtheNarrative.

The Never-Ending Hypocrisy

This video is about how people who create and enforce the laws are rarely the ones who follow them, mainly focusing on examples throughout November. More from Really Graceful.

Another California Dem Busted!

We recently ran a blurb about California Gov. Gavin Newsom moving to lock down restaurants and forbid indoor dining, all while secretly violating those edicts himself. But it turns out he’s not the only phony among the ruling elite in California. Now, we have the example of Sheila Kuehl, another lying Democrat and Los Angeles County Supervisor, who called for stricter dining regulations. Allowing even outdoor dining, she said, is “a most dangerous situation” because servers come within six feet of so many different patrons.

Sounds like she’s really concerned. Except, she went out the very same night to a swanky restaurant, violating all of the edicts she was enforcing upon the lowly peons! It’s little wonder the public is growing more restless and angry. These politicos are trampling on all of us. More from Ovation Eddie, drawing upon the commentary of Tucker Carlson with Fox News.

Blackface Behar Slaughtered

The classy Kim Klacik, Republican hopeful for Congress from Baltimore, just murdered Joy Behar, the host of The View, over Behar thinking it was so hip and funny to wear blackface. Why do Liberals massacre conservatives over the smallest mistakes, but then strut around committing the most blatant racist infractions you can imagine?

Klacik didn’t last long on The View. The producers quickly jettisoned her off the broadcast. But with her televised headshot, Klacik demonstrated how the hypocritical Liberal elite act and how phony they actually are. More from Salty Cracker.

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After appearing on The View, US House candidate Kim Klacik talked with Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report about her TV appearance and her argument with Joy Behar. Kim explains why there seems to be a double standard for how black women are treated on The View depending on if they are liberal or conservative. She also explains why there are growing numbers of black Trump supporters and black conservatives. Finally, she explains why she is running for office in Baltimore and how 50-plus years of Democratic leadership has failed the black voters of her city.

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Leftists Madder Than Hell

All summer long, leftists have been defacing and destroying historical statues across the United States. But now that some conservatives are beginning to remove monuments that the Leftists hold dear or have just built, guess what? Now they are screaming bloody murder. What goes around, comes around. More from Sinatra Says.

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Hypocrisy of the Protests

The Black Lives Matter protests are the handiwork of stupid and immoral Democrats. Stupid because they don’t recognize how their party is responsible for many modern-day evils, including warfare in the Middle East and the return of slavery to Libya. Immoral because they rail against President Donald Trump when, in fact, Trump has studiously avoided getting the United States embroiled in another war, while Hillary Clinton made it clear she intended to fight in Syria, as well as possibly Iran and North Korea. In other words, Trump has avoided useless conflicts while the Democrats thrived upon them. Here, this hypocrisy is laid bare by a philosophical chap, whose identity is unknown.

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#MeToo Fraud

Let’s examine Alyssa Milano’s humiliating hypocrisy on Joe Biden’s sexual assault allegations. More from Dr. Steve Turley.

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Greta’s Incredible Hypocrisy

Why do the Leftists believe an incredible hypocrite like Greta Thunberg? Easy. They have low standards, and not much of a discerning eye. Here, Dr. Steve Turley addresses a few of the many hypocritical stances that Thunberg has taken. Give her a few more weeks and there will be more.

Holder’s Horrible Hypocrisy

Former Obama Attorney General Eric Holder is lashing out at President Donald Trump for his pardon to Dinesh D’Souza. This is the same Eric Holder who recommended that Obama grant a pardon to Marc Rich. Dick Morris has more.

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