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Unions Invade Private Property

Another one of California’s wacky laws is playing out, much to the chagrin of private-property owners. Bolstered by a statute that allows unions to invade private property, members stormed Cedar Point Nursery over the weekend in an attempt to provoke workers to join their ranks. Nursery owner Mike Fahner is crying foul, saying the union is trespassing and members should be jailed, but it’s perfectly legal in sunny Cal.

Fahner says, “If I didn’t allow them in, I’m the one going to jail! It is asinine!” He points out that unions don’t have the right to access private property without permission in any other industry. “If they came back every day I would have been paralyzed.”

California officials argue that unions must be allowed to go onto farms because “workers remain isolated from the flow of information characteristic of modern society.” Since losing two lower court cases, Fahner and other are challenging the law in the Supreme Court.  Here’s more on the issue with John Stossel.

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