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Abortion Is Aborted

In the 196th trimester. If only there were a phrase for when you predict a thing, even when faced with withering doubt from the populace… only to be proven correct…More from RazorFist.

In the wake of the U.S. Supreme Court tossing out Roe vs. Wade, Missouri becomes the first state to ban abortion. Here is a message from the state’s Attorney General Eric Schmitt. More from Steve Turley.

Needless to say, diehard Leftists took to the streets to protest the U.S. Supreme Court decision. The largest and most charged protests occurred in the shithole Satanist states — like California and New York — that won’t be banning abortions anyway. Here, Mark Dice surveys the protests, no doubt, likely to grow into riots as the summer gets hotter and the Democrats get more desperate over the fall elections.

San Francisco Recalls Boudin

How bad will the November midterm election be for the floundering Democrats? Now, even San Francisco is getting rid of its hardcore leftists.

The voters there have recalled their District Attorney Chesa Boudin. He’s one of the rash of card-carrying leftists put into power around the country with funding from George Soros. Now, people are booting these bastards out! More from Styxhexenhammer666.

Democrats in California did use trickery to try to stave off defeat. Here, California resident Mr. Reagan show off a low-down, dirty, campaign flyer he received. If you get anything along these lines, toss it in the trash. That’s where the scumbag Democrats and their dirty tricks belong.

DUI Charges Dropped

House Drinker Nancy Pelosi (Er, Speaker) breaks her silence on the DUI arrest of her husband Paul, apprehended over the weekend bombed while diving his Porsche near the family’s home in Napa County, California. He had crashed the Porsche. What great sacrifices our leaders make! More from The United Spot.

Juan O. Savin: Trump’s Return

Juan O. Savin joins the David “Nino” Rodriguez podcast to update the status of the country. There’s no doubt, he says, that America is about to be tested like never before in the history of our nation, including some stunning shenanigans at the Supreme Court.

Was the court’s abortion ruling leaked to distract from the release of the movie 2000 Mules? And, more importantly, Savin addresses the rumor that sources have revealed several clerks working inside the Supreme Court have confirmed the justices will be hearing the case to reinstate President Trump to his rightful place in the White House. He explains, plus brings us more of his insight. Video courtesy of Lighthouse.

Don’t Move To Florida

Here are all the reason why you should NOT move to Florida! More from AwakenwithJP, with a guest appearance by Brent Pella.


We’ve Got A California Problem!

People are fleeing states like California and New York in droves… What gives? As new residents pile in the neighborhood, Ron piles some dogs on the grill and questions why life in California is becoming unlivable. Seamus explains how restrictive taxes, zoning laws, and other mysterious policies are forcing residents away from once-wonderful states. More from the Common Sense Soapbox.

Suspicious Food Processor Fires

Black Conservative Patriot runs a disturbing report, analyzing how a series of fires have taken down food processing facilities. These fires usually happen mid-week and appear to have suspicious origins. But, of course, the brain-dread Biden administration isn’t investigating and doesn’t seem overly concerned.

The latest fire occurred in Salinas, California, at Taylor Farms, a facility processing cole slaws and chopped salads. You have to wonder about these fires any time, but especially in today’s climate, where food shortages loom worldwide.

Biden and his creepy friends need to be replaced by federal authorities who actually look out for Americans’ well-doing and protect our food! Give the geezer the hook!

Last night Tucker Carlson aired a report saying that China Joe’s ominous prediction of food shortages in the United States may actually come true because over a dozen food processing plants and major food warehouses across the nation have been hit by a suspicious rash of destructive explosions and fires – even plane crashes – in the last month. More from Bill Still.

Russia Wants California, Alaska

Russian state-media pundits are calling for reparations from the United States, following the recent wave of economic sanctions placed on the Red State. Trish Regan reports “Putin lapdogs” are calling for the reparations to include turning over Alaska and California to Russia. Regan sorts out the absurdity.

Nunes: FBI Misled House Panel

Former California Congressman Devin Nunes says the House Intelligence Committee was unaware of the recent Durham Report bombshell that Rodney Joffe, aka Tech Executive-1 and chief technology officer at Genuity, was spying on President Trump during the 2016 Presidential campaign and into the first few months of his presidency.

Nunes says the FBI covered up the information, failed to comply with Congressional subpoenas and misled the House committee. Nunes joins the Sara Carter podcast with more on the Durham Report and also discusses his new position with Truth Social.

Was Cirsten W Assassinated?

Hold onto your seats! Gene Decode maintains Cirsten Weldon was likely assassinated by members of the Cabal. Weldon, the caustic “truther” from Sarasota, Florida, reportedly died January 6th while undergoing treatment for pneumonia at a hospital in Camarillo, Calif. Decode, who goes by a pseudonym, spoke about Weldon in an Internet video with Nicholas Veniamin.

He said she was raised as a member of the Li family of Singapore, one of the most powerful of Illuminati families, whose enforcement arm goes by the ominous name of “The Hand.” While she was born into this wealthy enclave, he said she had established her own separate identity within the United States, appearing in a couple of Hollywood films and eventually working with the Alliance to depose the Cabal. He believes the Cabal sent assassins to kill Weldon, saying, “these people went in (to the California hospital) and they gave her an injection” in her right arm. Decode says she likely died from the injection, but adds “it’s possible” she remains alive, hiding in an undisclosed location.

His assertions contradict the take of McAllister TV. We ran MTV reports earlier this month charging Kirsten was a grifter, involved in a scheme to defraud Field McConnell and Guy Brummell. Those two had set up a non-profit and collected more than half a million dollars in donated money that McAllister says Weldon absconded, quite possibly in collusion with others. Decode did not address that specific charge, but implied it was groundless, noting Weldon ran a highly successful interior decorating company and was worth well in excess of $10 million.

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