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Where’s The Beef?

John Stossel reports that government meat safety rules can do more harm than good. They block you from healthy meat, help cause shortages and hurt farmers.

During the worst of Covid, many of us noticed beef shortages. Kentucky U.S. Rep. Thomas Massie tells Stossel, “You’d go to Wendy’s to buy a hamburger and they were out of hamburger. Yet you could see cattle from the drive-thru.” Stupid government rules, like “poke and sniff,” are to blame,” Stossel says. Here’s more.

Dictator Envy

World leaders talk about their admiration for dictatorships, but historian Johan Norberg says it’s a  utopian dream. “They think: “if someone at the top could point us in a certain direction, everything would go well.”

Norberg tells John Stossel that government, in fact, is big enough to give you anything and also big enough to take everything away from you. Here’s more.

Change The Constitution?

During this time of year, we celebrate America’s independence and the documents that made America different, like the Constitution. But is our Constitution good enough today? The people who wrote it made it possible to amend it.

John Stossel asked people, some with legal and political expertise, whether there were things in the Constitution they would change? Surprisingly, some of the best responses came from strangers on the street. 

Armed Teachers

After the shooting in Uvalde, Texas, politicians predictably demanded gun control. But might trained, armed teachers be a better solution? Or how about not arming all teachers, but just those who volunteer? John Stossel discusses the solutions and features one school district in Texas that does, in fact, arms its teachers.

Expect Major Pilot Shortage

Summer travelers are warned to expect an increase in flight delays and cancellations due to a pilot shortage. John Stossel reports the airline industry is experiencing a shortage of more than 12,000 pilots, all because of a stupid new government rule. He bring the details and explains why the unions like the restrictions.

Real Reason For High Gas Prices

Putin, price gouging, excess profit! Politicians blame the wrong things for record gas prices. Says John Stossel, “Politicians say higher prices are caused by corporate greed. Nonsense. Greed is a constant. Companies are always greedy.” He welcomes Ben Lieberman, of the Competitive Enterprise Institute, to discuss the issue.

The Truth About GMOs

Natural food activists say stop eating genetically modified foods! They’re wrong. GMO (genetically modified organisms) foods are safe. They don’t, as claimed, cause cancer. Over the last couple decades, cancer is down and lifespans are up. In the following video, John Stossel debates the issue with Alexis Baden-Mayer, political director of the Organic Consumers Association.

Stealing Homes

Did you know you could miss one tax payment and your local government may take your home? Tawanda Hall was slightly behind on her property taxes. She was on a payment plan, but short $900. So the government took her whole $308,000 home.

John Stossel brings us the details on the government’s outright larceny, plus more on the Hall case.

Wikipedia’s Lefty Bias

John Stossel asserts that Wikipedia’s left-wing bias is beyond the pale. He says the digital encyclopedia doesn’t consider any right-leaning outlets reliable, not Fox News, the Daily Caller, The Daily Wire or the New York Post. What do they consider fair and balanced? How about CNN, MSNBC, Vox and Buzzfeed, to name a few. Here’s Stossel’s analysis.

Children’s Book Propaganda

In a bookstore’s kid’s section, “There’s probably 27 different books about former Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg.. a ton about Kamala
Harris…“ Hillary Clinton, Justice Sotomayor, AOC, etc… but Bethany Mandel couldn’t find ANY on conservatives. So she’s fighting back!

Here’s how. More from John Stossel.

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