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The Big Ripoff

Big business and big government are not enemies like everyone thinks they are. Tim Carney, a staffer on the Washington Times who authored The Big Ripoff, says politicians claim they protect us from big business by passing regulations. In reality, those regulations are often written by big business lobbyists and they hurt small competitors most.

“When government gets bigger, whether through spending or taxes or regulations, big business benefits,” Carney says. “Capitalism is a cutthroat thing, but this isn’t capitalism. When you turn to government to regulate your competitors out of business, we need to say, ‘No, this is wrong!'” Carney joins John Stossel to debate the issue.

Bribes For Gun Permits in NYC

The Supreme Court will soon decide whether the government will let residents carry guns. It’s not an easy process, says John Stossel, who once tried to obtain a carry permit in New York City.

“They didn’t make it easy,” he says. “They required pages and pages of forms, notarization, records of death threats I’d received and two trips to police headquarters.” Not to mention a $430 fee. Stossel says the whole process took 8.5 months and the results: Denied.

Further investigation by Stossel not only found that the rich and famous in New York were easily obtaining carry permits, but also cops were being bribed in the “permit” department. He found that some politically connected individuals were offering cops as much as $6,000 to issue permits. More on the story  with Stossel.

Rich And Poor Get Richer

Everywhere people trash capitalism. It’s become the punching bag of choice because people don’t understand it. Popular refrains are: The rich always get richer, or capitalism funnels all the money to the top one percent.

Appearing on the John Stossel podcast, economist Dan Mitchell sets the record straight and busts the ridiculous ideas about rich entrepreneurs, income inequality and monopolies. Says Mitchell, “The rich get richer in a capitalist society, but guess what? The rest of us get richer as well.” Here more with Stossel and Mitchell.

Liberty Is Winning

Thanks to property rights and free markets, humanity has achieved prosperity and freedom that our ancestors hardly dreamed about. Americans are now 30 times richer than we were 200 years ago.

That perspective is lost on populist complainers, such as Bernie Sanders, who falsely claim “the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.” If he and his followers understood their history, they might be less eager to tear down the free-market system that made lives better. In the following segment, John Stossel is joined by the Cato Institute’s David Boaz to discuss the consequences of liberty.

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The Nuclear Option

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders and other progressive minions are adamant that climate change is an existential threat to our country. But if they really believed that, they would support nuclear energy, the only technology that has a track record of rapidly replacing fossil fuels.

Environmentalists in the U.S. rarely support the nuclear option and their opposition can be traced back 40 years to the partial meltdown at Three Mile Island, Pa., where no one died. The incident would have been long forgotten if not for The China Syndrome, a Hollywood flick that said a nuclear accident could burn a hole all the way to China. “People saw that and freaked out,” says environmentalist Joshua Goldstein. He says we’d have more nuclear power if it weren’t for that movie and the media hysteria that followed.

On the other side of the issue is activist Harvey Wasserman, who says it’s an inevitability that another disaster looms in the future. Wasserman and Goldstein join John Stossel to debate the issue.

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Regulation Overload

Eighty years ago, Americans built the world’s tallest building–the Empire State Building–in 15 months. Today, we know much more about skyscraper construction than we did in the 1930s and you’d think we could build faster–but we can’t! Case in point, the World Trade Center, which took 13 years to re-erect following the 9/11 disaster.

John Stossel says all skyscrapers take longer to build today, because government’s rules and regulations bog them down. Stossel explains the problem persists in industries throughout the country, especially when politics sticks its ugly head in matters. He welcomes billionaire entrepreneur Peter Thiel to discuss the issue, who says, “Thank God the FDA wasn’t around when the polio vaccine was invented.”

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Make America California Again?

Residents are leaving California in droves because of exorbitant tax rates, high crime and failing public schools, yet the Golden State is the Biden Administration’s model for America. What can they possibly be thinking? Or are they thinking?

Despite the dismal failures in sunny Cal, the Los Angeles Times writes, “Make America California Again? That’s Biden’s plan.” Why would the rest of us want California’s problems? In the following episode, John Stossel highlights California laws and regulations that President Biden is pushing for the country and discusses the state’s politicians who failed their way into his administration.
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Woke Colleges Vs. Testing

Colleges are ending SAT/ACT tests in the name of diversity, despite research that shows they are good at predicting college success. Some schools now won’t even look at applicants’ test scores, reasoning that richer kids may get tutoring, and some minority groups, on average, don’t score as well.

Bob Schaeffer, of the advocacy group FairTest, compares test-makers to the tobacco industry and he’s winning his war against testing. More than half of colleges in the country are now test-optional. “The test makers themselves admit that the SAT and ACT are inferior predictors of college performance,” Schaeffer says. But here’s the data: high school grades predict 33% of college grades, while tests predict 32%. Not very inferior. Tune in, as John Stossel takes a closer look at the controversy.

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Unions Invade Private Property

Another one of California’s wacky laws is playing out, much to the chagrin of private-property owners. Bolstered by a statute that allows unions to invade private property, members stormed Cedar Point Nursery over the weekend in an attempt to provoke workers to join their ranks. Nursery owner Mike Fahner is crying foul, saying the union is trespassing and members should be jailed, but it’s perfectly legal in sunny Cal.

Fahner says, “If I didn’t allow them in, I’m the one going to jail! It is asinine!” He points out that unions don’t have the right to access private property without permission in any other industry. “If they came back every day I would have been paralyzed.”

California officials argue that unions must be allowed to go onto farms because “workers remain isolated from the flow of information characteristic of modern society.” Since losing two lower court cases, Fahner and other are challenging the law in the Supreme Court.  Here’s more on the issue with John Stossel.

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Award Shows Going Woke

It’s Oscar season and you’ve probably heard that the Academy will impose new rules for eligibility, surrounding diversity and inclusion. Among the new standards are all films must have at least one lead actor from an underrepresented racial or ethnic group, or at least 30 percent of secondary actors in minor roles from two underrepresented groups. Translation: Future awards will go only to films that meet diversity quotas.

In this sensitive era of wokeness, not everyone agrees with the new rules. Musician Eric July says such a system would cheapen the awards. “If the work is good, it doesn’t matter if it’s exclusively black people working on it, exclusively white, Asian, none of that should even matter,” he says. And actor Viggo Mortensen points out that the restrictions invite exclusion. He says, “The new rules are just one example of awards shows going woke.” Here’s more with John Stossel


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