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Secret Underground Projects

Riss Flex reports that a lot of secret government underground programs are using taxpayer money to fund their clandestine operations under the guise of a nuclear threat. She says the public is completely in the dark about government’s construction of underground tunnels, which they are not privy to because the the projects are being covered up.

“From my experience and my research, the threat of a nuclear exchange is always a great excuse the White House can use to always be secretive about what they’re doing,” Flex says. She added that many whistleblowers over the years have come out and said that the White House many times before have used this excuse to cover up other projects.

In the following video, Col. Adelbert “Buz” Carpenter, who became famous as a  SR 71 pilot and oversaw a $6 billion budget for the Air Force, alleges improprieties in the Reagan Administration regarding underground projects. Here’s more on the story with Flex.

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