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Virology Debunks Coronavirus

Germ theory and COVID-19 are thoroughly being debunked over and over. Spacebusters reports that the entire allopathic field of modern medicine–pharmaceuticals, vaccines, infectiology, bacteriology and virology–is no more than a for-profit iatrogenic death cult tantamount to a worldwide religious sect, causing endless human suffering and misery.

The tentacles of this trillion-dollar-a-year cult propagates long-ago, debunked myths, such as biological germ warfare, bacterial infection and contagious viruses, all based on the never proven germ theory. The cult even stretches into Hollywood and its countless films filling our heads with dystopian ideas about these imaginary viruses. In the following video, courtesy of Sixth Sense, Spacebusters digs deeper into these stunning allegations and, as always, use your own judgement.

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