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Death Cocktail For The Masses

The FDA has now announced a “mix-and-match” formula for booster shots that everyone has been told are necessary, just months after the original serum was released. Stew Peters says it’s an unprecedented push of government mandates and overreach, and a complete violation of individual freedom. Translation: It’s a death cocktail for the masses.

Peters welcomes Dr. Jane Ruby to the discussion, who says, “It makes absolutely no sense. There’s no data to support it. There’s no pandemic anymore, by definition.” Here’s more of their analysis on “The Stew Peters Show.”

Virology Debunks Coronavirus

Germ theory and COVID-19 are thoroughly being debunked over and over. Spacebusters reports that the entire allopathic field of modern medicine–pharmaceuticals, vaccines, infectiology, bacteriology and virology–is no more than a for-profit iatrogenic death cult tantamount to a worldwide religious sect, causing endless human suffering and misery.

The tentacles of this trillion-dollar-a-year cult propagates long-ago, debunked myths, such as biological germ warfare, bacterial infection and contagious viruses, all based on the never proven germ theory. The cult even stretches into Hollywood and its countless films filling our heads with dystopian ideas about these imaginary viruses. In the following video, courtesy of Sixth Sense, Spacebusters digs deeper into these stunning allegations and, as always, use your own judgement.

Boston Bombing Was A Hoax!

As if our world wasn’t strange enough nowadays, prepare yourself for another shocker. The 2013 Boston Marathon bombing appears to have been a staged hoax. In 2012, the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) conducted a mock drill scenario of a bomb explosion at the finish line of the Boston Marathon, with a multitude of government agencies coordinating the event from a nearby bunker. Fast forward to 2013,  almost one year later to the date, the same scenario was played out, with the same government agencies watching from the same bunker. Only this time, they passed it off to the public as the real thing.

The bombing parallel training exercise of 2012 was called Operation Urban Shield, where the scenario was terrorists fleeing from authorities in a citywide chase, the bombers tracked by street surveillance and false leads to keep investigators guessing. Participants were recruited from nearby Northeastern University and the key clue in the exercise was finding the body of one of the terrorists near a stolen car. What a coincidence in 2013, when the body of one of the terrorists was run over by a Northeastern student’s stolen car.

Two Muslim brothers implicated in the bombing employed homemade bombs, using pressure cookers packed with shrapnel, which subsequent testing determined they exploded at the speed of sound. Yet, in 2013, a small tree next to the bombs survived the blast, as did a nearby mailbox, several flags lined up on Boylston Street and plastic cups sitting on a shaky table just feet away. Amazing!

Later footage of the chaos shows a multitude of photographers taking pictures of people supposedly writhing in pain, instead of offering aid, and of others who had their jean pants ripped apart by the blast, but no harm to their legs. In one instance, a young girl was seen fleeing from the scene with no visible wounds on her thigh, but she was photographed a block down the street with a wound on her thigh!

One of the Muslin boys blamed for the bombing, Tamerlan Tsarnaev, was inadvertently hit and killed by an automobile driven by his younger brother, Dzhokhar, during a shootout with police. It was later revealed that Tamerlan was closely connected to the FBI and an uncle was a CIA operative. Shockingly, Dzhokhar was seen days later casually shopping at a grocery store and later going to a gym to exercise.

Says the video narrator, “If before the Boston bombing you were fearful that terrorist attacks could become commonplace in the United States, have no fear because the Boston bombing was just a drill passed off as real, replete with fake blood, crisis actors and as many Israeli and U.S. intelligence agents that you’d see in the Middle East.” Here’s more Boston Marathon bombing weirdness from Sixth Sense.

A Call To Action

Alfie Oakes has had enough. The Naples, Fla., resident has issued a call to action to all small business owners across America to reopen their stores on March 1 in defiance of all lockdown orders.

Oakes, who came under fire from the mainstream media recently for making masks optional at his Seeds to Table Supermarket, calls his initiative Bold Business Owners for Liberty and hopes to send a stern message to Washington that America is waking up and espousing their God-given Constitutional rights. “The 435 people in Washington, D.C. (Congress), they don’t have any more rights than we do. They’re not dictators,” Oakes says. “We going to take back our country.” He says the initiative is putting a legal team together and emphasizes,  “If we all come together on March 1, thousands of us, they won’t be able to stop us.”

Fear Factor Out Of Control

The fear factor is out of control. In the following clip, an Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, funeral director-turned-whistleblower implores authorities to tell the truth about COVID-19 pandemic deaths. He says the numbers being reported are made up to spread fear. Deaths from pneumonia, heart attacks, cancer, even suicide, are being reported as COVID fatalities. And, as we all suspect, this is prevalent throughout the planet.

Makes you wonder why our governments are taking everything away from us–kowtowing to corporations, while small businesses struggle and shut down. Bankruptcies are soaring, as is crime. Police are reluctant to tend to thugs breaking into our homes, yet they’re handing out citations in large numbers for COVID violations. “We need to wake up and realize there’s something bigger happening in the background,” he says. Tune in to this gentleman’s salient message and more from the Sixth Sense.

Why Not Wear Two Masks?

Remember when Dr. Anthony Fauci denied that wearing masks mattered at all in controlling coronavirus deaths? Then he insisted everyone should wear a mask. Now, he’s claiming you’ll have stronger protection if you wear two masks! Why not five or six? Just keep ’em guessing, Fauci! More from The Salty Cracker.

Just how big a lying sellout is Arnold Schwarzenegger? Watch as he gets his coronavirus vaccine. Of course, if you watch too closely, you’ll notice the plastic cap is still on the syringe! So his injection is a fakery! More from the Sixth Sense.

Mystery Of the Human Soul

The search for our soul–the life within us and our very being–has taken us on a journey of discovery for thousands of years. The answers may lie in the pineal gland, one of the best hidden and hard-to-reach sections of our brain, which is thought to be the seat of the human soul. It is said to be our sixth sense, which triggers intuition and other emotions that we are not in tune with, but are capable of realization. Host Buzz Weaver digs deeper into the mystery in this edition of The Lost History Channel TKTC.

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