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Shape-Shifting Humans

Prominent English author and blogger David Icke tells Shaun Attwood that their are outside entities among us that possess humans. The entities are composed of wave-form energy, or information fields, that can overtake humans, basically because the base form of the body is also wave form.

He says when the two waves connect, it’s a process known as entanglement, similar to throwing two pebbles in a pond that create waves that eventually come together. It can be done mildly, where it can affect the person’s perceptions and behavior, but when the possessing entity’s field entangles massively with the possessed person’s field, the victim becomes totally infused with the information field of the entity. “That’s when faces start to change, you know, like The Excorsist movie,” Icke says. “I’ve seen it where people’s bloody faces just change.” And the ensuing consequences can be devastating.

Here’s more of the interview with Icke, who also touches on the dangers of 5G technology to humanity.

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