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Controlled Demolition Of Grid

Josh Sigurdson reports on the recent moves by the Biden Administration to bring down the coal industry, despite it being one of the most important parts of the grid, both domestically and internationally.

Sigurdson says there are also numerous warnings from regulators that we are about to witness one of the biggest attacks ever on the grid. Here’s more from World Alternative Media.

6,000 Years In The Making!

We’ve been running a lot of updates from Clif High this week — not only because he’s spot on, but also because he likely will go silent soon. It’s not that he’s getting censored, but he’s planning to move and has personal things he needs to do that will interfere with his video-making schedule.

Here, High brings us another look at the Khazarian Mafia and their efforts to control the whole world. These scam artists have been at it for 6,000-plus years, so they have a long track record that we can see and analyze, although they have done much to camouflage their tracks and disguise their dirty deeds.

If you want to learn more about them, just study the dictates of the World Economic Forum — one of the looniest outfits on the entire planet. Their idea of a Great Reset and all of us owning nothing  — and being happy about it — is proving a disaster. Klaus Schwab will never win a popularity contest! And he’s no bathing beauty, either!

Israhell And Hannibal Directive

This week on the New World Next Week: The Hannibal directive haunts October 7 survivors as testimony reveals Israel killed its own citizens; the phony climate emergency is called a global health emergency to form a very real global government; and the J&J baby powder cancer trial continues. Here’s more from The Corbett Report and Media Monarchy.

The Government Can

Hard to believe, but Tim Hawkins’ song is now 14 years old. But like a good wine, it has only gotten better and more relevant with the passage of time.

New Energy To Empower US

Climate expert blows the whistle on the climate hoax. It is all made up. The Green New Deal will bankrupt the United States.

This is what the [World Economic Forum]/[Central Bankers] wants in the end: The country destroyed.

Trump is going to unleash energy that will unleash a new powerful economy, which will destroy the [Central Bankers]. Here’s more from the X22 Report.

Scientist: No Climate Crisis

Many politicians and most climate scientists in the media portray climate change as a crisis. “People are dying!” shouts Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez. Bill Nye, “the Science Guy,” says, “The planet’s on f*cking fire! This is an actual crisis!”

Climate scientist Judith Curry bravely tells John Stossel that climate change isn’t a crisis. And this from someone who once sided with the climate alarmists. She says there is no crisis and though global warming is a problem, it’s manageable. 

In the following interview with Stossel, Curry says scientists recently admitted that their most extreme models won’t become reality and explains how the scientific community became corrupted by fame and fortune.

Bill Gates Hates Trees!

Not surprisingly, Bill Gates went off on another of his nonsensical rants, this time taking dead aim at trees!

Turns out that during a recent interview with The New York Times, Gates went nuts over the prevailing narrative by climate change deniers that planting enough trees would offset the CO2 in the atmosphere and tame global warming. Gates’ response: “That’s complete nonsense. Are we the science people or are we the idiots.”

Jim Lee, visibly upset by Gates’ soliloquy, fires back in this animated episode of Climate Viewer.

Bill Gates’ Chopping Spree!

As if he hasn’t done enough damage to the planet, Bill Gates is now bankrolling the destruction of 70-million acres of tree cover in the name of saving climate change!

Josh Sigurdson reports that Gates has seed-funded $6.6 million into Kodama Systems, which plans to cut down the trees and bury them in hopes of stopping the carbon from being  released back into the atmosphere. Sigurdson explains further in this episode of World Alternative.

Weirdest Weather Phenomena

In a rare event, Hurricane Hilary hit the west coast, leaving parts of the desert covered in water. Although it was weaker than what was originally thought, some areas of California got more rain in two days than what they would normally see in a whole year. On the same day, an earthquake hit LA and created the term “hurriquake.”

Now, another tropical storm, Harold, has hit Texas. With the Maui fires and a weird pattern of strange weather all over the world, is this really just a result of climate change?

Could weather manipulation like HAARP technology be a part of disasters? How is China working on its own weather modification program? What would be the motivation behind controlling the weather anyway?

In other weird news, Ben Chasteen and Rob Counts found what might be the most substantial Bigfoot video they have seen yet. Join this Edge of Wonder live show as they go deeper into the weird weather the world is experiencing, plus a Rise.TV-exclusive Q&A and a meditation/prayer.

Driving Us Into Depopulation

You’ve probably seen animals herded into slaughter pens. That’s what the Deep State is now attempting with the human population. They are using extreme climate events and DEW weaponry to herd us into digital cities. There., they will use social credit scores to control us and vaccination drives to drive us into depopulation. Here’s more from Michael Jaco offering us the straight scoop.

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