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A Mike Pence Deep Dive

Earlier this week, McAllister TV opened a probe into a series of child abuse allegations surrounding Mike Pence, the former Vice President now eyeing a Presidential run in 2024. Here, McAllister TV returns to the same topic for a deeper dive on the charges surrounding Pence. I

t’s not at all a pretty picture.  Here, there are several stories suggesting Pence took part in games of torture against young children. He liked to pit them into dangerous situations where they would have to fight each other or go up against animals or beasts. Some of these spectacles occurred on ranches outside Medford, Oregon, and involved children from nearby camps.

There are some truly blood-curdling stories of young boys stashed into coffins, and held in isolation. If this is how Pence likes to spend his free time, how does he envision himself as an American president? This is someone who couldn’t even be trusted taking care of the chimpanzees in a circus. Really a vile and repulsive character.

If this is true, why haven’t any of of the so-called American free press exposed Pence and his crooked ways? How many other politicians are similarly engaged? When will justice be served?



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